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Indiana Jones zombie game has been confirmed

Indiana Jones zombie game has been confirmed

2/29/2016, 11:15 p.m.
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Never mind Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Forget The Walking Dead. Fuck Fallout 4. This blows them all away. Stephen Spielberg has finally given in to his fans demands to make another great Indiana Jones game. Indiana Jones Nazi Zombie Hunters is currently under development and slated for release in July of 2016. The game will be released on all major consoles (Xbox, PS4, Wii) as well as a PC version. There is an online multiplayer version that will be released after the initial game’s beta trials.

Indian Jones Nazi Zombie Hunter zvoidx

The game play will feature many playable characters from the Indiana Jones lore. According to sources close to the project, Indy himself will not be a playable character right off the bat.

“…If we let everyone start off as Indy, there wouldn’t be much room to grow. Everyone loved Short Round from Temple of Doom, and it just seemed like a logical place to start. Why show your ace from the very beginning? Players will lose interest. We’ve kicked around the idea of having Indiana be a choice from the start and incorporating a leveling up system for the weapons. The problem was, starting off with only a whip to kill stupid zombies just didn’t…. well, it sucked! (laughs) It was great for Castlevania, but not for the modern FPS genre….”

Mola Ram
Mola Ram will be a playable character in the highly anticipated Indiana Jones Zombie game.

Aside from Short Round, the other choices that have been announced are Henry Jones Sr. (played by Sean Connery in The Last Crusade), Marion Ravenwood, and for all you who like the dark side of the force, Mola Ram will also be an option.

“...Let’s face it, ripping out hearts is just a cool visual! All the developers loved that scene in T.O.D., so we added it in as easter egg for ourselves.  It was never meant to be anything serious….like, you would run into some obscure corner of the map and there would be Mola Ram conjuring up the Nazi Zombies or something. But we kept adding and adding to it, and it started to take on a life of it’s own.  Finally, like after 15 Red Bulls or something, someone said, ‘Why don’t we just make Mola Ram one of the Zombie hunters?’ That was basically how it got started

There have been many games attached to the franchise, and like so many titles, video game adaptations of popular movie titles never seem to live up to the movie that inspired them. Often, they are rushed hack jobs that get spewed on to the shelf with the only intention of squeezing a few more bucks out consumers. Indiana Jones wasn’t spared from this fate. However, Lucas Arts did manage a good stream of early interactive adventure games, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis being the most well known of the lot.

But what about the zombies? Great source material doesn’t mean anything if the game isn’t fun and has a high replay value. Game developers, LJN, claim there will be a main linear mission that will give about 16-22 hours of gameplay time. Completing Indiana Jones Zombies on various difficulty settings will also unlock bonus stages and side missions that will increase the gameplay time.

The zombies are fast! Gamers are too good today and after Left 4 Dead, Dead Island…. whatever, gamers expect to be challenged.  While some of the special types of of the undead haven’t been released yet, I can tell you we are trying to push the boundaries of what fans of other Nazi Zombies expect.  There will new zombies that you haven’t seen before and they will use challenging AI to make the players think in new ways. Our initial tests have been really eye opening. We provided the players with puzzles and expected them to have to recreate the solutions that we had developed. What we found was that came up with their entirely own and unique ways to accomplish the missions. The hordes of zombies could be defeated, or at the very least marginalized in ways we had not anticipated. It was a very exciting discovery for us. Oh, and one more thing… it’s gory!”

Indiana Jones Nazi Zombie Hunters will have a suggested retail price of around $39.99 and has yet to be rated.

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