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Indy PopCon 2017: Day 1

Indy PopCon
Indy PopCon and all its press badge glory.

You never quite know what you’re going to run into and it comes to conventions. You’ll see the cosplays, the vendors, the famous people charging $20 for a photo… But every convention holds its own little nuggets to separate themselves. And Indy PopCon is no different. This is our second go-round for Indy PopCon, and the first day has officially come to a close. While we have only dipped our toes into everything, we are excited to dive head-first. ┬áLocated at the Indianapolis Convention Center.


Game Developers at Indy PopCon

Indy PopCon
Indy PopCon’s Early Love: Cosmo’s QuickStop

Last year we got to see a lot of amazing game developers. And the same can definitely be said for this year. Stacks on Stacks (on Stacks) returns even more powerful than ever. The game is bolstered with new modes, a full campaign, and a lot of other goodies. SSS is a party game which is also a former Steamlight Greenlight member, & is a ton of fun to play. Another favorite of ours so far at least, is Cosmo’s Quickstop. A time management game that feels like Futurama, mixed with Cooking Mama. In it, you play this little alien dude who has to man his Intergalactic gas station. You need to score at least 800 points to score free poster, and damn it I will get it! Eventually…

Another big winner for us, is the game No Mercy. A side scrolling beat’em up inspired by Castle Crashers. Its concept art and general aesthetics remind me of the game Skullgirls. It’s cell shaded graphics along with a very floaty feeling to its characters provides for a satisfying but original style. It’s definitely going to win best looking game in my opinion. But we’ve got a lot of other games that we got to play too. Including some board and card games!


Party Time at Indy PopCon!

The very first group that we got to talk to was a board game developer called be on board. The game is called MECH, and this strategic combat game is addicting. Moving your guys all around to destroy the enemy feels super satisfying. And with the luck of the draw being the difference between victory and crushing defeat, you know that you want to play it.

Indy Pop Con, indy pop con
Indy Pop Con is hosting our friends Thousand Faces Cosplay again as well!

Even if you lose, because it was totally the cards’ fault!

The other top game definitely goes two the game hipster by Dodeca Systems. A card game where you have to match what’s cool before it gets too cool with all your friends. Whether it’s going vegan, having a tongue piercing, doing Henna, and much much more the rules are always ready to change. And the rule changes will come in random and completely arbitrary ways. Just like the real hipsters.

Just getting started

The first day of Indy PopCon was an absolute blast. Meeting so many cool people, an amazing video games, and all the cool vendors is beyond words. It’s really a shame that we’ve only got two more days, because we could probably spend a week doing all of this and not get everything and talk to all the amazing people here. Tomorrow is going to be the fullest day for Indy Pop Con, can we plan on talking to every person possible! So if you are at Indy popcon this year please feel free to stop by with us will have the Slickster t-shirts on us!

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