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Indy PopCon 2017: Day 3

And with that, Indy PopCon comes to a close. This year has been so much fun, and we’re sad to see it go by. But that doesn’t change the fact that way you got to squeeze every little bit of Indy PopCon out that we could. And, the honor of presenting our awards for some of the best games at Indy PopCon this year.

Don't worry Deadpool. Your secret is safe with us.
Deadpool at Indy PopCon

Watching Indy PopCon

One of the best parts about Indy PopCon is just sitting by and watching the day go by. All the amazing different costumes and vendors is so cool. At one point I got to see somebody dressed as a little MaC, get into a boxing match with Deadpool. And then just a few minutes later four guys dressed up as the Space Marines from Warhammer 40,000 showed up. And they were all in perfect uniform! (Er, armor) The amount of different ways people did the same characters was really interesting to see. While there were plenty of Deadpool cosplays, one stood out more than the others for us…

Best games at Indy PopCon

Deciding who’s the best in something as subjective as video games is really hard. But we hear it’s Slickster like doing things the hard way sometimes. And so we held the awards on the last day at Indy Pop Con. The awards that we gave out were best idea, best art, most addicting, best party game, and best overall. Everybody here at Slickster went over all of the different games to determine the winners, by deliberation. Except however for best overall. That was decided by a fan vote to determine who really was the best. And here are your winners for this year!

Best Art Direction: Multivarious – No Mercy

Multivarious Games
Multivarious Games Wins Best Art

Best Party Game: Dodeca System Games – Hipster: The Card Game

Dodeca System Games
Dodeca System Games Wins Best Party Game

Most Addicting: Big Sir Games – Cosmo’s QuickStop

Cosmo's QuickStop
Cosmo’s QuickStop wins Most Addicting Game

Best Idea: Sleepy Owl Software – Text Quest

Text Quest
Text Quest wins Best Idea Award

Best overall: Multivarious – No Mercy

Multivarious Wins Best Overall Game
Multivarious Wins Best Overall Game

So Long Indy Pop

Once again, like to congratulate all of the amazing developers at this year’s convention. It’s very hard to ever try and determine who’s the best when every game we played had heart, passion, and a real identity. And that’s why indie gaming is so important to all of us. It’s a chance to express yourself in an artistic medium wholly original onto itself. So next year we can’t wait to get back and see all the amazing games that pop up as well. We’ll see you soon Indianapolis.

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