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Indy PopCon 2017: Day 2

Well the second day of Indy PopCon is officially in the books. And unfortunately we were completely right about one thing. There is no way in hell to see everything at Indy PopCon . We’ve been running around like chickens with their heads cut off, and I don’t think we’ve even seen a third of everything. But alas, that is the life of these conventions. A million things that you just need to see, only a few short days to see a fraction of it. That being said, we had an amazing time of the Indy PopCon in are here to tell you what we’ve seen!

Panels at Indy PopCon

We’re able to see a few interesting panels today in terms of fandoms, internet Stars, and the highlight of today: The Overwatch fan panel. Voice actors Jonny Curz and Charlotte Chung, voices of Lucio, and, graced Indianapolis. After sitting in my seat and then waiting in line to ask a question, the hour-long event passed by in what felt like minutes. They were charming, funny, and absolutely worth the price of admission by themselves. Jonny was constantly cracking jokes, Charlotte was very collected and quite humble about everything. Unfortunately, not everything came up roses with us. While waiting to ask a question to the two guests, I was literally the first person in line when they said the panel was closing. So I wound up waiting for nothing. But it was still a lot of fun!

More and More Games at Indy PopCon

If you haven’t figured out yet that video games are my thing, I don’t know what was it tell you. And today was another great example of all the amazing things that game developers do. We actually got the chance to talk to play games with somebody you might be familiar with. Wraith Games of course is somebody who we got to meet at last year’s Indy PopCon and they are coming back with their game Collapsus which is better than ever.

Aside from that, we’ve gotten to see the games improve right in front of our eyes! There were a couple bugs in some of the games that were fixed when we revisited them today. And we actually have the chance to play the game Hipster by Dodeca System Games today. This card game is a better party gift than bringing a 24 pack of some nice beer. And another game that definitely deserves a special mention, was the game Text Quest. An adventure game where everything is actual text in a 3D environment that you interact with by typing.

Award Season

Today is also an exciting announcement, does slickster magazine is actually hosting the Awards this year. There are five categories that every card game board game and video game is up for. The categories include best art, most addicting, best party game, best idea, and best overall. The award for best overall will not be decided by us but by the people at Indy Pop Con, so if you haven’t voted yet make sure to vote on our official Facebook in our Indy PopCon award event! Will see you all tomorrow and will be crowning a champion.

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