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Insomnia: an intergalactic RPG


April 30, 2016, at 9:27 a.m.

Insomnia is a space faring retro futuristic role playing game, that takes more than a few cues from popular games of the past. This Kickstarter project currently in development by indie studio MONO, is clearly inspired by foundations laid of the original Fallout and Diablo-style games. Set in the distant future, where humanity has left a dead earth behind in search of a new home your character and a host of other bewildered inhabitants live in the ruins of an interplanetary space station after a brutal civil war.

Story & Setting


From the start of the Epilogue, which serves as an extended demo gives you a good sneak peek on what to expect if and when the game finally drops. Your character, a rugged takes-no-shit badass named Typer is sent on a simple mission to deliver some goods.

Of course, it doesn’t take long for things to hit the fan in some way. And you’re then on plunged into the physically and emotionally devastated environment. The major part of the story that could piece together is after the generations long war, the reigning faction has won which really hasn’t served anyone too well.

The game does a great job in conveying an atmosphere of a beaten people, whom have endured the hardships of years long strife. From the crumbling art decor buildings and decrepit statues, the world screams of this place having seem much better times. The NPCs even convey a sense of a hidden life you may be able to discover in the future. The selectable response tree gives you a deeper sense of role playing many OG Fallout fans will find very refreshing. Though the current character models could give even Bethesda’s notorious goblin faced citizens, a run for their money.



As good as the looting and scavenging the world for goodies are, combat and general gameplay can make or break any game. The gameplay is what you might expect from something such as a Balder’s Gate or Diablo. The combat is real time, with the ability to switch between ranged and melee combat on the fly giving you a fair variety of ways to play. However the fighting may be my least favorite part of the experience, it’s a bit slow and clunky at times. With hits feeling a bit hollow.

The role playing elements save the sluggish combat from becoming monotonous. Like most RPGs you have a few different skill trees to level to fit your playstyle. Choosing from skills like intellect, strength and perception, among others. Along with weapon skills that develop depending on how much you use certain arms. In this demo there was only a couple to choose from, but enough for a sense of the weapon variety that will exist in early game.

Insomnia Overview

Insomnia still has some ways to go, there are a few bugs here and there that can set you back. However the devs have pretty good for the most part in tying up any loose ends. Even it’s alpha, Insomnia shows some promise for fans of top-down rpgs. Delivering an interesting dystopian sci-fi story, with the traditional fantasy elements with favorable results.

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