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The Astonishing film hints from John Petrucci

August 31, 2016, at 7:05 p.m.

It has been a banner year for prog metal. With truly epic entries from big granddaddies’ of the genre, Dream Theater (The Astonishing) and new kings, Haken (Affinity), fans around the world have been rejoicing. Both bands have been touring in support of the albums, as well as releasing YouTube videos to support the album sales.

In a recent video by Dream Theater, guitarist and founding member John Petrucci, hinted at a video adaption of the critically acclaimed concept album, The Astonishing. While sitting next to keyboardist and long time collaborator, Jorden Rudress, they took to dissecting the major musical themes used within the double disc featured album.

Early on in the discussion, Petrucci comments;

“…Becuase the experience of The Astonishing is…. It’s an album. You’re listening to it. It’s not a movie, at least not yet.”

He then slyly looks across the keyboard at Rudress and smiles. Could this be a sign that something cinematic is in the works for the magnum opus? It would surely lend itself to such a treatment. With the huge lineup of characters and themes woven into the masterpiece, The Astonishing could easily be made into an animated film.

Skip to 1:12 to see the guitar wizard drop his hint and stay tuned for more discussion of the Dream Theater analysis of The Astonishing to come.

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