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Justice League and the Comic Blockbuster Movie Effect

by DC Entertainment, DC Comics, and Warner Brothers

The Mandela Effect, if you go by the Tech Target definition, is “the observed phenomenon of people having clear memories of events that did not occur, or misremembering significant events and facts.” The idea I have is not as serious, but it might be just as uncanny. The Comic Blockbuster Movie Effect, in my opinion, is something comic book movies can suffer. It is the result of viewers seeing too many films of the same genre, at the wrong time, and with expectations of that particular movie type. I think this has a lot to do with the current success of the Warner Brothers, and Detective Comics Entertainment movie, Justice League. The movie is good, and fun, but it has flaws and other issues that plague it. Below are three reasons why Justice League is not the success it probably should be, at least in the first week. Thanksgiving connotations may apply.

Timing of the Comic Blockbuster Movie

by DC Entertainment, DC Comics, and Warner Brothers

Trends change, but cook time, I mean, timing is also everything. I do understand. Movies’ successes come at the times that are profitable, period. For example, Box Office Mojo list Thor: Ragnarok, released on November 3, 2017 and with a 180 million dollar budget, a true success to this point. If we go by the first week, it hit at 123 million dollars and close to its budget. Justice League, released November 17, 2017 and at an unknown box office budget, list its first week. It hit at 96 million dollars, but not at Thor: Ragnarok’s record. There is also no actual film budget to put against the week’s success. You can say Justice League is just a little closer to the holiday shopping season. It should not compete with Star Wars: The Last Jedi, closer to December, but must. The film already gives some people a mixed feeling going in. It is clear people want Justice League, but not necessarily at this time, even in the first week.

The Order of the Comic Blockbuster Movie

People have different taste, but get full. Justice League comes in 2017. The film is after the success of Wonder Woman. The movie is weeks after the success of Thor: Ragnarok. It comes in the year of Logan, Spider-man: Homecoming, and Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol.2’s successful releases. If you just look at just at blockbusters this year, it is after Beauty and the Beast, It, and The Fate of the Furious. Visit Box Office Mojo and look at the profits of the first ten blockbuster movies of this year. If you have to choose what films to watch, in a holiday season, you can be selective. For example, you can choose to see a heavy summer line-up of movies, watch some movies in the Fall, but really save money for gifts, travel, and other ventures during the winter holidays. You might only prepare to see Star Wars in December. Should Justice League have come out the same day as Thor: Ragnarok? Could Justice League have been a late summer release, or earlier autumn movie? The order of the release of Justice League, in 2017, could have meant more success. Currently, it comes at a time when people can be selective about their entertainment and prepare for a new group of films in 2018. This may not even influence what people think of this brand of movies.

The Make-up of the Comic Blockbuster Movie

presented by Den of Geek, Warner Brothers, and Detective Comics Entertainment

The finest ingredients make the meal, I mean the movie, but might not suit everyone’s tastes. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in my opinion, is a nice film. It is not everyone’s taste. It puts Batman and Superman, at different points of their careers in a movie together well, with Wonder Woman. Visually, it has moments. The movie captures some impressive images of battle, controversy, and a conflict between two protagonists. It is the more recent Warner Brothers and Detective Comics Entertainment movie, along with Suicide Squad, to feature a group of Detective Comics’ characters together. This is the impression people can carry into Justice League. If it is not the Suicide Squad’s rapid-music video pace, jagged-style, and jumpy story, it is Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s hefty visuals, controversial portrayal of their characters, or drawn out story. Justice League is a light, fast, fun, and nerdy comic-action picture. Steppenwolf, as an antagonist, was fun. The Justice League, in its current state, was fun. No character had to say Justice League in this movie. They will sell toys, merchandise, and should cleanup in home digital and physical sales. You get to look forward to the content that did not make it to the movie screen. There are moments in the movie that you get Detective Comics, as a universe. However, it is a glimpse. If you have a preconceived idea of that glimpse, you might not watch this film the first week, or at all. You would need a way to change others’ perspectives.

How do you change those perspectives? You can only hope they find the box office and vote Justice League. This movie fits the blockbuster mold. It redeems many complaints others may have of previous DC movies. It highlights new issues, but generates a lot of excitement, at least in my opinion. In the end, check out Justice League. It has all the right elements.

It can fit in with either that Cranberry Sauce, stuffing, and turkey sandwich for leftovers, before or after dessert, or before, or after, Black Friday holiday shopping. It fits in anywhere, because it is unexpected. It is refreshing. Happy Holidays all.


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