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Kick Ass Kickstarter: Die for Valhalla!

February 6, 2017, at 4:12 p.m

Kickass Kickstarter: Die for Valhalla!

Alright Chris Hemsworth, time to show you what a real hero of Valhalla looks like! In this installment of Kick Ass Kickstarter, we’ll take a look at Die for Valhalla! In this arcade style beat ‘em up adventure, you’ll take over different vikings to save the world. With tiny orcs, disgusting spiders, and boss battles in the landscape, your heroes may die, but your journey never will! Battle through the hordes of enemies while gaining Glory along the way to level up and be more and more of a badass viking warrior.


While Monster Couch categorizes the game as a beat ‘em up, they also promise plenty of hacking, slashing, and especially smashing. Taking inspiration from classics like Golden Axe and Castle Crashers, Die for Valhalla aims to continue the time honored tradition of destroying everything that scrolls in their way.

With seven different types of vikings to play with, Monster Couch promises for plenty of ways to conquer each level. While you blitz your way through the swarms of enemies, you’ll be able to bask in the glory of your kills. And the more Glory you gain, the quicker you can level up to become even more powerful than the enemy could possibly imagine.

And just like any self-respecting beat ‘em up, you can always have a few friends hop on for some co-op action. The most intriguing concept proposed by Monster Couch is that they want to make dying a fun part of the game. “Most games don’t make dying fun, but it’s part of the process for Die for Valhalla! (it’s right there in the title, after all).” With viking tombstones all across the map the second you die you can possess a fallen viking and keep the slaughter up! (And if you choose certain skills you can possess objects or enemies as well.)


The developers mentioned the inspirations for the game, and it’s all over the look of the game. It’s like if the developers behind Castle Crashers studied abroad in Norway, found a cute viking girl after a few drinks, and 6 months after coming home sees pictures of her with a kid who seems a little too familiar. And with the visuals for Castle Crashers being one of its strongest aspects, that bodes well for Die for Valhalla!.

The characters are all brimming with personality, stuffed into their big-beaded bodies. The viking aesthetic permeates in every picture, from the viking script, to the lush green backgrounds. And the beards. The oh, so manly viking beards.

Final Thoughts

Die for Valhalla! is a great continuation of a time honored genre. Breaking faces and getting glory with the added bonus of strategic deaths! It’s a great way to make the least fun part of a game more bearable. The boss battles look epic, and I can’t wait to hop on with friends to kick some ass. With a great look, and if the combat plays as well as it looks, Monster Couch may have just hit a home run.

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