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Kick-Ass Kickstarter: Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Space Odyssey

I feel as if neil deGrasse Tyson is that “cool ” science teacher who tries really hard to make his students like him. Between his TV spots, recreating the series Cosmos, and all those tweets, Neil has a lot of time on his hands. The world famous astrophysicist has a new project. Making his own video game. This game, Space Odyssey is the latest installment for Kick-Ass Kickstarters.

Space Odyssesy: Nerd’s Delight

With Neil deGrasse Tyson as your trusted adviser and cosmic guide, you’ll set out on science-based missions to create, explore, and expand. Develop planets, colonize worlds, nurture species, mine elements, build robots, and discover unique life-forms as you coordinate with others in an intense game of real-time strategy.

The game play of space Odyssey is a mixture real time strategy, educational gaming, and a little bit of everything else. Missions will include driving lunar buggies, mining asteroids for resources, and searching for alien life. And whether you fly solo or play with friends, it’ll be up to the players to create their worlds, terraform their land, and create your intergalactic dynasty. Players will also need to use robots that they built themselves to help them out in their expiration. And they’ll also need to make sure the hot rod flames they paint on their spaceship are extra shiny.

All-Star Help

If any of you are worried about Neil trying to make this game by himself, don’t. He’s got plenty of help for Space Odyssey. Boasting an ” all star cast” there is plenty of experience here. The Space Odyssey team is full and diverse. It includes creators from Wolverine, and conceptual illustrators for God of War and Final Fantasy. Additional help will be coming from Big Red Button Entertainment, Radiant Images, and Section Studios.

Clearing the Air

The only real worried that I have about this game, is that it’ll be like no man’s sky. A game that promises way, way too much and can’t deliver. Because this game has a lot going for it. I want space odyssey to succeed, and that’s time here saying how Kick-Ass it’s. A video game where you can explore space, mine for resources, and build your empire all with Neil deGrasse Tyson sultry voice? Hell Yes! So please check out the full Kickstarter and help this game out.

Click here to check out the Facebook.

Here’s the Neil’s Twitter for some sassy science tweets.



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