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Kick Ass Kickstarter: Touchdown Armor League

April 12, 2017   12:00 p.m.

Kickass Kickstarter: Touchdown Armor League

You know what’s boring? American Football. Well, at least if you’re my girlfriend. Or you don’t enjoy controlled violence with robot looking dudes. Or you aren’t from America. UNLESS YOU’RE FROM HONG KONG. Because the Hong Kong based game developers have decided that American Football is awesome. But it needs to be even more awesome. And how are they doing that? With guns, rocket packs, and EXPLOSIONS! And I’m not going to lie. It looks bitchin’.


Get down. Stay down.

In Touchdown: Armor League, each team is made up of 6 players. It’s up to you to carry the ball past the enemy Touchdown line by any means necessary to win your team points. Blast opponents out of the sky, use rocket boosters to create sneak attacks, and even fully obliterate enemy power suits. Teams score a point every time they make a touchdown. The team with the most points after a 15 minute match wins the game. It’s fast-paced, skill-intensive, and will require your team to work as one to win.

Passing in a game of Touchdown is a true measure of your skill. You can make a pass by charging up a gauge that determines the distance and trajectory of your throw. Once the ball is thrown, multiple things can happen. Opponents with sharp aim can shoot the ball and disrupt the pass. Speeder suits with jetpacks can try to intercept the ball and catch it in midair. Unlike in traditional football, fumbles do not stop the game. Instead opponents can immediately take possession of the ball and try to score their own touchdown. So make your passes count, contestant!

Touchdown is fast paced. That means there will be no time for you to visit the locker rooms if you’ve got a scratch on your helmet or if your leg is blown off. You’ll need to find health packs around the field or wait around until your suit begins its self-repairing procedure. You can add mods to your suit to help with healing, but don’t go in expecting there to be a medic on the field to help you.


Pure Murderlicious

You know who’s awesome? Iron Man. Know why? Because he’s got a sweet ass suit that flies around and shoots lasers and shit. And with Touchdown: Armor League, you’ll get to pick your own kickass suit of armor. And then you can deck it own with custom colors, and decals to properly pimp your suit. Each game plays on a massive arena in a colosseum filled with everyone ready to see some violence.

And it’s not just your cosmetics that change. You’ll be able to your loadouts can be adjusted to your individual play style. A wide range of weapons are available including grenades, mines, rockets, precision weapons, and even melee ones. Mods include changes to rocket speed, abilities, and armor.

Final Thoughts

I never got to play football as a kid. I was a skinny little bastard who couldn’t even out run a snail. So football video games were where I learned the majesty of American Football. And after a lifetime of video games filled with violence, I, and the rest of the world, are ready to bring these two great sources of entertainment together. Guns, games, and gadgets are a surefire way to make a great game as far as I’m concerned and you should help the cause.

Hong Kong recently became eligible to use Kickstarter this past August. However, there have been no successful campaigns for video games from Hong Kong. This game has a real opportunity to bring a wide variety of players from all around the world. Combining traditional sports, e-sports, classic action game bombasity Ares Games is ready to make the next step as a major developer in Asia.


If you want to check out the game click here.

Their website can be found here as well.



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