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Kickass Kickstarter: The Name Doesn’t Matter

You ever feel so excited about good news you’re about to shit yourself? Like, you feel so good you want to shout it out to the top of the world? Well that’s us, because after doing Kickass Kickstarter for so long, we’ve been dying to tell you all about this newest Kickass Kickstarter for a while. And we can officially announce that Slickster Magazine’s own podcast The Name Doesn’t Matter is the newest Kickass Kickstarter! Allow me to indulge you into what makes us so great. (We’re really great.)



The Name Doesn’t Matter

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Tanner (if the author name didn’t show it at the top.)

I’ve been writing with Slickster Magazine for over two years, and I dedicate myself to writing for the little guy. Writing for the indie developers who have been looking for a leg up. I’m dedicated  to showcasing the best in

gaming, and The Name Doesn’t Matter is the same. The entire principle for our name is how names don’t matter. We don’t care if a company is giant like EA, or a two man team doing out of their basement. (Hey, that’s us!) Our podcast is dedicated being uncut, unadulterated, and unrated news and opinions on the latest in gaming and entertainment.

Our podcast is all about being the kind you can kick back and enjoy. A lot of podcasts about gaming are guys acting like they’re on the cutting room floor. The Name Doesn’t Matter is the kind of podcast you can hear about what’s going on. What’s good. What’s trash. And what’s straight bullshit. #TNDM is all about being an enjoyable, funny, and relateable conversation you’d have with your friends. Because that’s what we’re all about. Just a couple friends, having a good time. Join us!

The Goals

We love doing this podcast. But the problem is… It’s expensive to do. We have strict quality control on the podcast and we will not compromise. If we were to revert our hosting service, we’d be cutting audio quality, and deleting episodes to post new ones. Fuck that! We want to keep our quality high and our episodes available for download. But we want to do more. We want to take what we’re doing and make it greater. With our $500 goal, we’ll be able to start posting actual video on our YouTube uploads as well as start doing livestreams in the future on Twitch!

We’ve got some stretch goals, but you’ll need to check us out for that!

The Rewards

So what are some of the rewards you can get for being such an awesome person and helping support us? Well…

For $5 We’ll send you a personalized thank you and you’ll forever be in our hearts.

$10 Will get you forever enshrined as a producer for our The Name Doesn’t Matter on our webpage.

And for $25 We’ll come chill with you and we can talk about what you’d love to hear on the show.

But there’s more! But you gotta go and check our Kickstarter to find out just how dedicated we are to this project.

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