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Kick Ass Kickstarter – Möira

Möira gameplay

Written by Tanner Banks, March 17, 2016, at 4:15 a.m.


Oh great… another platforming game from a small but oh so dedicated team. How original. Well let’s get this over with.

**2 hours later**

I WAS WRONG. It’s true that I’ve got a soft spot for platforming games, but the key is that they have to do it right. Because nothing is worse than a boring platforming game that doesn’t do anything new, or exceptionally well. That’s the really nice thing about this Kickstarter. It comes with a demo. Many of these crowdfunding campaigns don’t include a demo to check out the game yourself and decide whether or not you think they know what they’re doing. This does. I did. They do.

In this installment of Kick Ass Kickstarters I’ve had the chance to look at Onagro Studios’ Möira, a 2D platformer influenced by games such as Kirby’s Dream Land, Kid Dracula, Megaman and Wonder Boy. Onagro says that Möira aims to “[take] the good, memorable things from these titles and brings them to the XXI century in a new way — as it draws insights from recent games too.” These guys are banking hard on nostalgia, and if they manage to Shovel Knight it, they’re going to knock this out of the park.

Everything about this game is faithful to classic Gameboy games from the awesome music, two button gameplay, and the color pallet. This is going to sound weird/awesome, but you can actually choose between dozens of classic color pallets used by earlier games. From Mario Bros, to Metroid, to Tetris, and beyond. This is one of those little things that are indicative of a well polished game. The game itself is built on the Construct 2 engine and Onagro Studios’ team members have plenty of outside experience with the engine by working on other games outside their own studio.

Gameplay looks like it’s going to be a classic combination of might and magic where you can fuse your weapons for different effects. In fact the order you fuse them in can change the outcome! And not to mention, when you change into a mouse, YOU LOOK FUCKING ADORABLE

moiraLook at this adorable motherfucker!

The characters look like they’ll be admittedly trope filled, but there’s also a lot of personality showing and the art style aids this as well. Rubick seems very likable and his hat looks downright charming. (LOOK AT THE HAT ON THAT MOUSE) The Kickstarter has done pretty well so far, but I’d like to see this really get into the meat of their stretch goals.

They’re a little less than halfway to their goal, and the Kickstarter will be live until April 13th. If you want to, go check out the Kickstarter yourself. While you’re there try to piece together the clues for an Easter Egg in the game! If you want to play the demo yourself check it out here.

Website for Onagro Studios:

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