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Girl of the Week Krystle Lina

Girl of the Week Krystle Lina

Instagram bombshell writes books on dating

When you look at Krystle Lina what do you notice first?  Don’t be deceived by the stunning model’s great smile and stunning eyes and other assets. The voluptuous Instagram brunette is the author of a book on online dating.  If you’ve ever wanted to get a date with an Instagram model, but didn’t know how, her book is for you.  Dating for Naked People discusses common pitfalls of online dating and how to break out of the rut.


1/7/2018, 3:05 p.m.


Dating For Naked People is packed with exclusive photos of me and over nine chapters for guys who want to date the most beautiful women in the world. Strategies that have actually worked on some of my hottest friends who also happen to be social media stars and celebrities. I’ve asked them all to tell me what normal guys have done to successfully get their attention. ®



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