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Lack of Motivation

Lack of Motivation

Getting fired up when you don’t have a spark.

You’ve got shit to do.  But you can’t get ‘er done.  Or you won’t.  What difference does it make?  Which ever you chose, the end result is the same; shit just ain’t getting done.  Here are some tips and tricks to help you get motivated.

Removing distractions  (Taking something away)

Maybe the reason you aren’t achieving your maximum success is because something else is blocking you along the way.  Here’s a short list of what that could be – You watch too much porn, drink alcohol in excess, you’re addicted to sports, video games, or texting.   Whatever it may be, it chips away at the available time and energy you have to focus on what you want to achieve.  Dr. Gary Wilson talks about the corroding effects of watching too much porn and masturbation.  There is strong scientific evidence that corroborates his conclusion that binging on porn creates a lack of motivation.

Have you ever heard this old joke?  I went on a liquid diet.  I didn’t lose any weight, but I lost three days. The point is clear; while consuming alcohol in moderation has been proven to have many benefits, over consumption of booze can and will greatly impair your skills.  Hangovers rob you of the the next day too.  It’s also a drain on your money.  If there was extra money in your bank account, that might be one less obstacle you would have to overcome to get motivated.  Cut back on the spirits if you can’t get motivated.

Like football, baseball, soccer?  Sure, who doesn’t?  That doesn’t mean you have to watch a game every single day or night.  Pick one night of the week to watch.  Youtube often has great edited videos of highlights from major sporting events that can save time.  An even better idea (which segues into the next section) is to skip the nachos and TV watching altogether.  Why not get up, get out and get your ass into the game!

Physiological GAINS!  

Can’t seem to get motivated to get off the couch?  Try drinking a cup of black coffee or green tea.  A small dose of your favorite caffinated beverage not only stimulates the body, it can also perk up your mind.  Just like alcohol, don’t over do it.  Think about gravity; what goes up, must come down. If you drink too much caffeine, you run the risk of burning out and being even less motivated the next day.

Imagine you’re in a foot race.  You can sprint for a short time, or you can jog slowly for long distances.  Motivation is the same way.  Chugging a quadruple expresso will surely get your heart racing and your mind alert, but when the buzz wears off, you’re going to pay the price.  The speedster has it’s time and place, but often slow and steady (consistent) wins the race.

Making some simple changes in your diet can also help you to get motivated.  The scope of that is too rich for this article, but there have been plenty of articles written on this subject.  Also, get some exercise outdoors you lazy fuck!  Sunshine and fresh air reduces stress, and can help you to get motivated to focus on whatever you need to get done.  Or, it may you make just want to talk to girls… which brings us to the next part.  SEX.

That’s right.  Sex.  Not the one handed jack hammer jive from watching porn, but actual intercourse and orgasm is a top notch stress reliever.  It can be frustrating when you lack the motivation to accomplish goals in your life.  Having a bed shaking orgasm not only gives you a great ego boost, the pleasurable sensation and confidence can jump start your motivation. So if you can’t get started on that project, maybe you need go reintroduce yourself to the Miss’ again.

Make a fucking plan.

Let me say that again.  When you can’t get motivated… MAKE A FUCKING PLAN. Next, write it down.  Use an old fashion pen or pencil on old fashion paper.  Legend has it some of the world’s greatest songs were written on cocktail napkins.  Avoid the temptation to type your plan onto your laptop or phone.  It could lead back to the first part on this list, distractions.  Make a plan by breaking your goal into small, achievable steps, write it down and start going to town on the list.  You’ll find that usually taking the first step is the hardest.

Have you ever been swimming and afraid to get into the water because you know it’s going to be cold?  Of course, most of us have.  We approach the edge of the pool.  Dipping our hand or toes into the water, confirms what our brain is telling us;  This water is cold and it will be unpleasant to get into the water.  So we hesitate. Our motivation is sapped from our willpower.  We try to ease into it.  Or…. you can swing yourself over the edge of the pool in one smooth motion, splash into the cold water, and within half a second your body commands to you get moving in order to heat up.  Suddenly, the water doesn’t feel bone chilling. In fact, it’s just the opposite. It feels refreshing.

Once you have your plan in place.  Don’t psyche yourself out by over complicating the first step.  Just take the plunge!  As any great military general will tell you, plans rarely work out the way they were intended too.  You must adjust and adapt your plan… but that can only happen once you start working the plan!

Find a mentor

Colonel Trautman mentors Rambo while they fight in Afghanistan, Rambo III
Even Rambo had a mentor. Colonel Trautman (Richard Crenna) mentors Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) while they fight in Afghanistan in Rambo III.

There have been lots of of successful people in history.  If you lack motivation, why not look to one of them for inspiration?  Regardless of your personal beliefs, there are mentors that you can model yourself after.  Each of them found a source of motivation within themselves and you can too.  Read or listen to a famous speech.  Study a masterpiece of art.  Blast ‘Gonna Fly Now‘ from the Rocky movies… what ever it takes.

To recap; remove distractions, try some physiological changes, make a plan and find a mentor.  So you lack motivation?  No big deal.  You can easily break out of this slump and do one small task. One small step leads to another, and another and another.  The next thing you know, you may have built the Great Wall or made an important discovery.  You can get motivated.

If you followed these steps and they worked for you let us know in the comments below.  Check back frequently for more content published daily on the website or subscribe for exclusive content in our online digital publication. Thanks for reading!


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