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LeBron James agrees to three-year extension

Written by Dominic Wright, August 11, 2016, at 10:41 p.m. Tweet to: @Groovycap

This offseason has been one for the ages. Favorite time of the NBA calendar is when the season is over. Players signing one-year contracts worth loads of money, other players signing big contracts. During this offseason, the king LeBron James decided to stay in Cleveland for three more years. The contract agreement that LeBron and the Cavaliers agreed to is three years, worth $100 million.

The defending NBA champions the Cleveland Cavaliers will be in hopes to get the most out of LeBron. This is a fantastic reward for not only as a person but for a player who dreams of winning a title for their hometown. When his career is all said and done with we can expect a documentary about LeBron being a hometown hero. On top of his new deal, he can also expect new perks of solidifying his legacy in Cleveland.

Being the reigning champions of the NBA comes with pros and cons. You have bragging rights throughout the league but you have teams not only in your conference trying to dethrone you but teams outside as well. This should be a stage LeBron James knows well throughout his long historic career. Since his move to the Miami Heat along with Chris Bosh, LeBron has been to the NBA finals in six consecutive years.

Since coming back to Cleveland in 2014 the king has claimed his throne. Evening out the series with Golden State in the finals since his return. Giving Cleveland their first title in over 50 years. Taking down Steph Curry, the NBA’s first¬†unanimous MVP who was a part of the history setting Golden State Warriors. Once again letting his fire burn within him as he faced many adversities throughout his long career. This contract is well deserved for a king who kept his promise to his city from a young age.

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