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Linelight first impression

Written by Dave Navarro, June 15, 2016, at 9:51 a.m.

In the south hall, past Square Enix’s colossal screen, 2k’s impressively themed mega booth, and left of the cathedral built to Bethesda games, sits a little group of developers at Indie Cade. In the middle of that group, is Brett Taylor and his game, Linelight.

Preview Look at Linelight

Upon sitting down, I asked Brett to tell me what his game was in five words. Brett said, “Elegant, minimalist, line-based puzzle.” I said, “I’m in.”

Linelight has a simple design philosophy: put the whole game on a line, make the player a line, and make puzzles around that. What started as a simple idea and a neat challenge has resulted in the birth of a truly elegant, minimalist, line-based puzzle.

It has an intuitive control system that walks you through titles as it explains itself. It’s wonderfully simple, in that it’s just a line on a line. Its aesthetic is as calming as the tune played in the background. The puzzles are deceptively difficult, some of which may drive you mad because of that deception.

I could praise this game for everything I experienced with it. The way the tutorial blended right into the introduction, to how it beat me with couple of lines were great.

Best of all, it’s as universally playable as something like Tetris. Linelight is easily the easiest game I learned to play today. While it took me some time to get the hang of some skill sets today, namely snowboarding games and a couple of VR horror titles, I could manipulate the lines in Linelight in seconds.

With that level of simplicity in control, it becomes just the gamer against the puzzle. There are no skill sticks needed. Just the puzzle and the player trying to solve it.

This is the type of puzzle game that could come out of Indie Cade like a bat out of hell. Linelight may very well be THE sleeper hit of E3 this year. Look for it to be out later this year.

Does this look like a game you would want to play? Tell us all about your thoughts in the comments section below.

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