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Does Logic’s Everybody Rank With His Other Albums?

Written by Dominic Wright, September 20th, 2017, at 5:49 p.m. Tweet to @Groovycap

Last time I discussed Logic’s albums, I said Under Pressure is his best album. Primarily I said that based on the sole fact that, the content of that album was amazing. Within that album, he discussed his issues of how he is under pressure. The format along with the title of the album fits perfectly with the content in which he was speaking of. With that being said, I believe his latest album titled, Everybody is not so good.

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Everybody is Logic’s 3rd best album in my mind, yes I know he only has 3 albums. I would say it’s his worst but truthfully it isn’t. It is not a bad album but it also is not the greatest to me.

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Mainly because every track within this album is something that many of us knew Logic was going to do. There wasn’t really anything outstanding about this album besides the ability of Logic to make this relatable to his fans. For many of us fans, we expected Logic to deliver an album like this. Personally, for me, I didn’t get caught off guard by any song off the album. I see a little bit of growth from this new album though. Truth be told, only a few songs off of this album really stood out. In my opinion, songs such as Anziety, 1800-273-8255, Black Spiderman, and AfricAryan were the only standout songs.

When I saw the cover of the album, I’m not going to lie, it was amazing.

To be honest, I thought it was going to be a few songs on the album that are going to be a true banger, you know songs that will have my reactions similar to this.

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Don’t take this wrong, I am a true fan of Logic. I loved the message that he was getting across with this album. By listening to the album you could tell that his heart is in the right place but, I truly thought it was going to be like the project he released prior to this album. You know, Bobby Tarantino, where he was going off on beats and had a killer verse from Pusha T on the song Wrist. That was what I expected, Everybody, to be like. A barrage of rhymes and bars.

If you are a person out there going through something, songs within this album can help you get through it. That is why I love Logic, he uses his platform to talk about the internal issues people are facing. The best thing about it too is his message of peace, love, and positivity which he explains in the song, Take It Back.

As the album progressed, I would have to say that my favorite song is, AfricAryan, mainly due to the fact that Logic takes on numerous forms within this song. Something that stands out to me through this track is the way he shows strength through vulnerability. From talking about the obstacles he had to overcome early on in his life to the wonderful harmonizing with the singer it was a beautiful track. The main issues that I got from the song were identity issues he took on within his life, which Logic seems to talk about a lot in his music.

Let’s also not forget the brilliant mind of Logic alongside Neil DeGrasse Tyson and J.Cole was nice. The message Neil DeGrasse Tyson gives out is one of the most positive things that I have ever heard in my life. He says

Live your life. Don’t waste your days on the negative energy of others. Remember that you’re not your salary. You’re not your house. You’re not your car. And no matter how big your bank account is, your grave is six feet under just like everyone else’s. So enjoy the days you have. Worry not bout the days that came before you. Nor the ones that will follow you in death. Remember that right here in this moment is all you are guaranteed, and the fact that you are living is what life is all about. So live your life to the fullest, according to your happiness and the betterment of all”.

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Now, now, I can’t forget about one of my favorite rappers in this song, J Cole. He makes an appearance on the outro. When Cole enters the song, it sounds like he gives advice to Logic. J Cole says

“All I wanted was acceptance, my latest lesson, I’ll never feel your approval till I accept my own. Come from a messed up home, destitute and less informed. About the ways to raise a child up, To not become a product, of his environment, I need to cry and vent. But I done built this wall up. Actin’ like everything’s all good, but in reality, I’m lookin’ for something”.

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Not only is J Cole rapping Logic’s life, but he sort of dealt with the same thing when he made the song, Let Nas Down. While listening to this album, as listeners we could sort of figure out the issues that Logic faced growing up. Shoot, even reverting back to his debut album, Under Pressure, he showcased his issues growing up in Maryland. As J Cole continues to rap, he points out something that many people don’t often consider Logic. A star. Cole explains this by saying

“Be who you are, identify as a star. No one tells you you’re that, It’s something that you just know. The world be stealing your glow”. 

This is something that J Cole had to learn early on within his career once he signed with Jay-Z. Through that, he was featured on the song, Every Day A Star Is Born.

Actually, this entire album is a reincarnation of who Logic actually is. A natural born storyteller, who needs to get stuff off of his chest. If I had to give this album a rate, I would say it is a solid 7 out of 10. No matter what, it won’t beat, Under Pressure or The Incredible True Story.

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