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One on One with the “Super Samoan” Mark Hunt

Mark Hunt Interview

By: Ray Vann Jr. 
9/8/2017, #MMA #MarkHunt

Mark Hunt InterviewThis past week, I was lucky enough to get in contact with UFC super star Mark Hunt. Mark took the time out of his busy training schedule to sit down and talk with us, giving Slickster an exclusive interview that gives us a new glimpse into the mind of a warrior. And so, without any further adieu, let’s see what he had to say.

Lets start from the beginning, what first got you into mixed martial arts?

What got me into MMA was that it was a new challenge. I had already won the K-1 kickboxing world title and was looking for something new to chase and a new dream to follow, and MMA offered that challenge.


What was your first fight like? Did you win or lose?

My first fight was a Muay Thai fight. The guy was more than 30 kilos heavier than me. I was 95kg and he was 130kg, and I only had 4 days to prepare, but I knocked him out in the second round.


For you, which has been your most memorable fight and why?

Mark Hunt had a stunning walk off KO over competitor Frank Mir last year at UFC Fight Night 85

My most memorable fight would be the fight I am having right now, and that’s the fight to stay in the top end and win the world title.


You’ve been pretty outspoken against steroid use before. What’s your take on the Jon Jones situation?

My take on the Jones situation is that he should be banned for life. He has already been caught for cheating and has ruined any credibility he has as a martial artist. When you hide under the octagon for 6 to 8 hours, hiding from USADA (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency), you are nothing but a coward and a cheat. Everyone who cheats needs to forfeit all their financial gains and be banned from competing as martial artist.  We need to make examples of these cheating pricks…they don’t deserve anything for cheating.


Speaking of illegal drug use, you went toe to toe with Brock Lesnar last year. What was it like getting into the ring with him? Would you ever want to fight him again in the future?

I have shared the ring or octagon with plenty of filthy cheating bums and in the end you realise that it’s an unfair advantage that they have. And you start to get angry because they could kill you, so it’s actually assault what they are doing. Premeditated assault. The hope I have for the future is that the cheaters start getting banned for life before someone dies while competing against one of these juicing bums.


You are set to fight Marcin Tybura at UFC fight night in Sydney. How do you feel about the upcoming match, and are you doing anything differently to train for it?

I feel I should have had the opportunity to fight Fabricio Werdum there, but he is a coward bum. If Tybura isn’t cheating then I’m looking forward to fighting with him, but if he or anyone else I fight fails their drug test after we fight they will be getting their bitch ass sued. I’m tired of these losers and their unfair advantages.


Mark Hunt Interview You and Fabricio Werdum have been having a war of words recently. Is there anything you’d like to comment on about that situation?

There isn’t any war of words with Fabricio. It’s pretty simple: he is a bum and bitched out from the fight I asked that loser to fight in Japan. Either he or someone in his camp said they were not ready at the time, so then I asked him to fight again in Australia, but he said no again. Then decides to go and fight the guys I just beat, saying he didn’t want to hurt me. Bitch, this is the hurt business and your punk ass got lucky last time. He lost my respect because he chose an easier opponent and I hope Lewis beats his chicken ass up.


Are there any other fighters you would like to go up against at some point in the future, after your bout in November?

I would like to fight anyone above me as always. Rematches with JDS, Werdum, Miocic, or Overeem too. I don’t know why they allowed that cheating bitch Overeem a fight in Las Vegas, it pisses me off how they all conspire against my destiny, but I will get that title and throw it at their punk asses.


The Mayweather-McGregor fight is obviously hot news right now. What did you think of that?
Well the fight with Mayweather and McGregor was great and I thought McGregor did fucking amazing.


Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us, Mark, and I am definitely looking forward to your next match!

To see more of Mark Hunt, be sure to tune in to UFC Fight Night on November 19 to watch him take on Marcin Tybura, and for more cool stuff check out our instagram at @slickstermagazine!

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