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Marvel’s Daredevil looks to age appropriately


By William G Chandler Jr., March 11, 2016, at 7:45 p.m.

Marvel’s Daredevil Season One, as concluded at Epguides, is in the past. However, it is not something to forget. I was very cautious about this character. A blind lawyer becomes a hero against various evils. In the Netflix series, the hero starts as a minor vigilante and quickly makes change. This gets the attention of the local major syndicates, and one major heavy. He pays for this, gains allies, reveals truths, but comes to succeed. Like a sickness, his actions breed change that extends his challenges. Change is good, sometimes. Bring on Season Two.

Kristen Santer, at IndieWire, highlights two new characters that arrive on the program. Elektra Natchios, an old, intimate connection, but new ally, and enemy, of Matt Murdock enters. Frank Castle, that is all I will say, opposes Matt. His family dies. They are gone. Frank turns to a darker side of justice in order to provide balance to the world. This conflicts with Daredevil, greatly.

The heavy, Wilson Fisk, of Season one is a mystery. He was new, and discovered, his true ambitions at the end of the first series. Season Two asks that you sit, and watch. In time, everything will become clear. Daredevil has been about becoming. Matt Murdock has a teacher in Stick. This character is his trainer, and yet an abuser.

Matt Murdock rushes into Hell’s Kitchen for success, and many defeats. Years later, he comes to meet this person again. New views, and skills conflict, but unlike the past, Daredevil overcomes his master. This breeds new change for a new season.

Daredevil’s uniform, initially, a set of dark, sleek wears must evolve. He takes bruises, broken bones, and battery. It is only after a critical physical encounter, with two enemies, Daredevil needs armor. He finds a way to get this form of protection. This solves a mystery of Season 1, but only creates change in a new season.

Wilson Fisk orchestrates a massive plan to save Hell’s Kitchen. His methods include the manipulation of local syndicates, his physical oppression, and cunning in order to appeal to the others’ mindsets. Daredevil digs through the mire, and prevents Wilson Fisk’s ambitions. However, Wilson Fisk has purpose in Season Two.

In Kristen Santer’s article, something becomes clearer. Daredevil uses his fists, kicks, agility, morals, and senses to defeat his foes. In the meanwhile, Marco Ramirez and Doug Petrie, Daredevils’ show runners, explain Frank Castle moves in the back alleys of Season One. Season Two brings his brand of justice to the light that deals in death.

Daredevil is about becoming. The end of one test initiates a new set of challenges, and expectations. Hell’s Kitchen is not so clearly in the hands of Wilson Fisk. What happens to the city? What actions do the syndicates take after Daredevil’s initial flurry? How do Matt Murdock’s actions change a hometown in flux?

Is it a slow burn? No, it is fierce progression in its purest form. Marvel‘s Daredevil Season Two starts March 18, 2016, on Netflix.

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