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Good Enough?, McGregor vs. Mayweather Building up Steam

Mayweather vs Mcgregor
Mayweather feigns reaction to McGregor’s taunts.

7/13/2017, By Blake Kirkland – The hype train rolled through L.A. tuesday evening amid a packed Staples Center Arena. The two most monstrously outrageous, combat sport icons trading a hurl of insults, ranging from abilities and everything else under the sun; including Mayweather’s current tax woes with the internal revenue service. The boxer at one point ushering up a young assistant with the all too familiar Louis Vuitton backpack. Absent the commonly expected piles of cash, Mayweather pulled out a supposed $100,000,000 dollar check.

Yet, never one to be out done, McGregor matched his vigor with his own fiery boasts, at one point highlighting how his suit was comprised of a highly recognizable expletive phrase standing in for pinstripes.

Still, all things considered, what does all this circus mean for the fight. It is a fight after all being marketed, isn’t it? With McGregor insistent that Mayweather and his team had huge issues with the fight being held in an octagon over a boxing ring, the implementation of any other skill set other than boxing and most interestingly, the use of 10oz gloves over the standard 8oz ones, are we seeing a stacked deck?

Analysts abound have pointed out the dramatic degree to which they support Mayweather’s victory. But, have we seen an event organized around the lengthy concessions of the self-proclaimed “A” fighter? His recently fragile hands, the dramatic age gap between the two combatants? And just how ballsy is this young man from Ireland? With nearly everyone expounding his demise, to simply laugh in the face of it all and say, yes.







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