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Meet The Staff

Laser SharkChris

Founder, CEO, Editor in Chief.

After many decades wandering the world’s oceans with a laser beam and killer instinct as his only friend, Chris settled in San Diego, CA. Prompted by a gross overdose of caffeine and sunshine, Slickster Magazine was conceptualized poolside one afternoon.





“Like I give a shit”

Following his escape from New York and LA, Snake changed careers.  No longer in special black ops, Snake turned to journalism.  His attitude is still the same however, as he will fight you to the death for donuts at the staff meetings.




Tanner BanksTanner Banks – Assistant editor, Advertising Sales, Gaming, and Social Media.

Tanner is completing his degree of journalism and business at Bellermine University.  He knows the Bengals suck, please remind him.  Active in the eSports scene, Tanner covers Twitch as well as kickstarter campaigns and Fan boy conventions.








Slickster Staff Writers

Blake Kirkland – MMA, Sports

Brian Furman – Music

Caleb Taylor – Gaming

James Garibay – Horror movies

Dominic Wright – Sports, Music

Josh Brewer – Horror movies

Mike Lopez – Music

Mike Ritchie – Music

Jon Lee – Gaming

Ray Vann – Sports

Thomas Cowley – Podcasts, Geek culture

Will Chandler – Gaming and more

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