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Megadeth’s New World Dystopia

Megadeth’s New World Dystopia

Written by Mike Ritchie
1/18/2016, 09:22a

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Megadeth has been known for their band issues and drug intake as much as their killer riffs, political venom and the wizard, machine-gun precession of centerpiece Dave Mustaine. After the sudden departure of Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover in 2014, the new chosen ones were shrouded in mystery, cast in shadows while fans debated, discussed and guessed who could fill the mighty mega-boots of the former troops and pass Mustaine’s perfectionist standards.

The first three released tracks “Fatal Illusion,” “Dystopia,” and “The Threat is Real” are blistering and brutal. Many of the Droogies calling them an old school Peace Sells return to form while others say they mirror The System has Failed to Thirteen era.

After the departure of Broderick and Drover partially over fan base pressure for a Rust in Peace reunion, the band’s future was in doubt but bassist David Ellefson said he and Mustaine would carry on.

According to Blabbermouth via Syracuse, New York’s 95X, while Mustaine is excited about the new record and playing live with new guitarist Kiko Loureiro, he doesn’t think the rumored Rust in Peace lineup would’ve worked on Dystopia or would have been a different version. He also put over new drummer Chris Adler’s stamina during a recent UK run when Adler’s other band Lamb of God were on the same bill. Mustaine also said on this tour they have dates booked further in advance than any other tour in their history.

Dystopia’s early stages began with Broderick and Drover. After exiting, the process of trying to reunite the Rust in Peace lineup with Marty Friedman and Nick Menza didn’t work out, followed by two management changes in a year and his mother in law in the later stages of Alzheimer’s going missing for months and found dead. Mustaine, while in Nashville piecing the record together, says he clicked on a motivational audio track with fight scenes and inspirational quotes that lifted his spirits bringing back motivation.

Lyrical inspiration, Mustaine told Loudwire, comes from his love of world and American history, watching the news and reading autobiographies of world leaders and great warriors. Subjects about politics, war, relationships, and drugs have been commonplace throughout their catalog. He’s shied away from tracks he wrote dabbling in the occult after his 2003 Christian conversion, though.

Megadeth’s current band lineup.

Dystopia, Megadeth’s 15th record will be released January 22nd, the follow up to 2013’s Super Collider. The US tour starts Feb. 20th in Dallas, TX, with Suicidal Tendencies, Children of Bodom, and Havok. More dates can be found on their site.

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