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Finnish electronic music artist, MEGAHAMMER, talks about his music.

Featuring stellar computer programming, artwork and decidedly 80’s flair, synthwave music is becoming more mainstream. Shared through free platforms like Youtube, Bandcamp and Soundcloud, an international emerging scene is developing.  For more featured interviews and news, check out our past articles on the best synthwave music.

11/11/2017 – First of all, thanks for taking the time to speak to Slickster Magazine.  Is there anything you would like to say up front about your music or information online?  Is there anything that people have totally gotten wrong about MEGAHAMMER?
Everything is clear; People either get the Megahammer-thing or they don’t!
One thing that we noticed about #SYNTHWAVE is that, it is truley is a multinational genre.  How is the synth wave scene in your native country of Finland?  Are the only person you know who is creating music like this in Finland or is there a underground scene of synthwave artists?
We have good, growing scene here in Finland. I’m certainly not the only one, there is NightStop, Flash Arnold, Ace Buchannon, Turbo Knight, etc….
Other than programming synths and DAW, do you play any other instruments?  Did you study music formally at a university or high school?
Yes, I play guitar, synth, drums. I have a small knowledge on music theory, and I’ve done film music composing. Check out my recent short movie composition, titled The Defiler. Also, Megahammer plays live with guitar, synth and drums.
So many people, artists and creatives now cite John Carpenter as an influence.  You also cite Mr. Carpenter as influence.  Why do you think his impact has become so wide reaching, and what do you take from it?
I think that John Carpenter forms the base of what we call synthwave nowadays. I grew up watching his films, and his simple themes with badass synthsounds really is what I want to hear.
Does synthwave music appeal to girls, or when you play a show is it 100% guys in the audience!?
Both! Heavy metal guys/girls form the biggest fanbase of Megahammer. Then there are gamers, nerds, filmfreaks, bodybuilders and even normal people. From both genders however!
MEGAHAMMER uses some fantastic artwork to display the singles and albums.  Who creates it for you and are active in the collaboration?
It is cool that I have friends with artistic talent. The first album art ‘Horror Workout’ was made by Sadist Stalker, from the black metal band Sadokist, and ‘Raw licks, sleazy flicks’ cover art is by The Glitchway. New EP ‘Murder Disco’ art is  by Teemu Kilkki. All friends of mine. Wait till you see the next album art!

Miami Vice and the music of Jan Hammer is still influential

I really like one of your newest tracks posted on your Soundcloud page, Sunset Mischief.   It captures that South Miami feeling, but introduces a simple melodies in layers that keeps the track interesting.  It is a relatively short track, coming in at just 2:36, and listener really wants to hear some more.  Can you discuss how you composed this song and what you were thinking about when you recorded it?
Yeah, I was watching Miami Vice and I wanted to have that feeling in the song. It is getting colder here in Finland, so I wanted to escape to the warm nights of Miami. It is a single, and isn’t a part of something bigger, just a small tune. Who knows, maybe I extend that someday!

How can fans of MEGAHAMMER best support your music?
Buy the albums, come and enjoy the live shows! Recordshop X has a few CD’s still left.
Thanks to Megahammer and for LeveL -1 for suggesting we talk to you guys.  It was super rad that you took the time to answer our questions.  Lastly, is there anything else you’d like to add that we didn’t talk about?   Keep in touch and let us know what projects you are working on in the future!
Thanks for having me! I am currently finishing my next full-length album which will be a banger. It features my first vocal track ever, with a full-on 80s AOR singing. Can’t reveal nothing more just yet, but stay tuned!
My side project ‘Old Sorcery’ just released it’s debut album via Garavluth records. This is old school dungeon synth, in the style of era 1 Mortiis and ambient Burzum.

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