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MMA judges continue to be incompetent

MMA judges continue to be incompetent

Written By: Scott Beers
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Lawler Continues to Just Barely Win Title Fights

Or in this case, he should have lost. Condit outstruck Lawler every round. I’ll give round two to Lawler as he knocked Condit down with a counter left hook, but it was more of Condit being off balance than him getting rocked. I’ll also give Lawler round five based on aggression and damage, yet he still landed 11 less shots in that round. It was an exciting high-output fight with a lot of twists and turns, but the result of who won angers me. Not because I don’t like Lawler, but because I clearly thought he lost; as did Dana White.


This leaves the question, should there be an immediate re-match? Should Lawler be fighting so soon considering his last four fights he’s lost a plethora of brain cells? Does Tyron Woodley get that “promised title shot” after Hendricks was unable to fight him? Does Georges St. Pierre make his return against Lawler at UFC 200? Many questions remain, and everyone should be excited to find out.

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Rematch: Donald Cerrone vs. Nate Diaz II

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