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Mother Of Millions tours in support of new album

Greek prog rockers release long awaited sophomore album.

Concept albums are not a dead format.

11/28/2017 – Rise, Evolve.  These are the creedo of Mother of Millions.  Based out of Athens, Greece, the prog metal outfit has been around for quite awhile.  During this time they have maintained a solidified line up.  Their newest album is a self proclaimed and un-ashamed ‘concept album’.  The long play format of ‘thinking man’s rock’ is not a new idea, but the vast canvas on which it allows the musicians to paint provides profound opportunities for creativity.

Taking a few precious days of ‘down time’ after their recent European tour, we caught up with Mother of Millions to dig deeper into the subject of concept albums, as well as their concepts of music and life.  The results were insightful.


Slickster Magazine – Mother of Millions (MoM) has a new concept album “Sigma“, released worldwide via ViciSolum Records on November 3rd, 2017.  I understand you are currently touring in support of the album.  How is the tour going so far?  Will you be coming to the USA on this tour?
(Answered by the band’s guitarist Kostas Konstantinidis.) Tour went really great and we will announce some more dates soon. We’d absolutely love to visit the US, but I don’t think this will be possible soon.

 Mother of millions

Let’s get something out of the way, concept albums kick ass!  Not that they ever went away, but more and more bands are re-embracing them.  While the format and length of ‘concept albums’ will likely not be financially successful in today’s music marketplace, bands and fans alike continue to thrive on them.  One major exception is Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon‘, as it still sells thousands of records each year.  What does the term ‘concept album’ mean to you and can you name a few of your all time favorite ‘concept albums’?

The word “concept” describes a unified work, in terms of lyrics, musical themes and visual art, not necessarily as a rock opera. We are a bit obsessed with presenting a work that has something more to add as a whole. I think that bands which compose concept albums, will find a way to adjust to this new age of constant rush, since people still have the need to be told stories. Amongst my favorite concept albums are: The Wall by Pink Floyd, Metropolis Pt.2 by Dream Theater, De-loused in the Comatorium by The Mars Volta, Aqualung by Jethro Tull, Be by Pain of Salvation.

Can you describe the process how MoM composes and arranges your songs?

We jam in the studio, listen to the recordings, keep the good stuff, make pre-productions, jam them again etc.
You’ve been together as a unit for over seven years now.  How has this song writing process evolved among the members of the band?
We evolved both as persons and as musicians, and I think that keeping the same line-up for years, created a collective conscience, a unit that absorbs all that’s different from each, and magically distills music.

Athens, Greece is your home town.  It’s well known for it’s historical importance, but what some people may not know is that, it also home to some incredibly gorgeous women!  What is it about the women of Athens that makes them so ridiculously fucking hot!?

Mediterranean food I guess, hahaha.

Hot women abound in Greece.
Hot women abound in Greece.
How can fans best support MoM and the music scene?

If you like the music, come to our shows!

What message would you like to share with the world?  What legacy would like to leave behind?
The band’s motto is “Rise, Evolve”. Always standing up and facing forward as units and as a whole. However I think legacy is a strong word. If we leave behind some sort of inspiration, not only in music or art, but in life, to our future kids, that might be it.
Thanks again for talking to Slickster Magazine and best of luck on your tours.  You guys rock!  Keep the prog metal alive. Any final words?
Thank you very much, we hope to see you soon in the US!

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