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n0ne – The Anti-Meta Falcon

12/17/2017 – Edgard “n0ne” Sheleby, from Nicaragua, is one of the most insane/innovative Melee players that has ever played the game. His explosive dual main of Captain Falcon and Ganondorf have earned him the honors of being the best player in Canada, getting a sponsorship from the high profile organization; Team Allegiance and is currently ranked No. 18 in the world according to the 2017 summer MIOM top 100. In this interview, n0ne talks a bit about his Melee career, and how he was able to push the anti-meta Captain Falcon.

Tyler Linden: About how long have you been playing Melee competitively?

n0ne: I’ve been playing Melee for a long time, around 10 years now, but competitively would be since when I moved back to Toronto in August 2014.

N0ne, Edgar Shelby
N0ne, Edgar Sheleby

TL: Who was your biggest inspiration to play Falcon/Ganon and why?

n0ne: I didn’t really have any inspiration.  It was more the fact that I didn’t like the way other players played these characters.  So I picked them up to try to prove a point.That point was, that you didn’t need to follow a set of rules or guidelines to play these characters. With good game sense, awareness in combination with creativity, you are able to be your own inspiration.   This in itself makes you want to improve yourself more. I did look to Isai (Joel Isai Alvarado) and $mike (Mike Scaturchio) back in the day though, since i saw them as a bit different than the other Falcons.

TL: How do you feel about the 20gx Falcons?

n0ne: They’re the other side of the spectrum from how I see the game, and that’s fine. It’s also cool (and ironic from what I said previously) because it gives newer people that are trying to get into the game a way to learn the game since 20gx requires a lot of discipline. Newer players will have footage and material to study to improve themselves, since 20gx is the more common way nowadays to play Falcon. Anything that´ll bring newcomers to our game is good in my eyes.

TL: What’s your opinion on UCF?

n0ne: I personally don’t like it because it affects a lot of my muscle memory timings and tech on how I hold the analog stick. Kind of hard to explain. Also buffs Fox who is already the best character in the game. But overall its a good concept because GC controllers have a random factor to them since they’re not all the same to each other and they’re becoming scarce.

TL: Do you have any tips for falcons who want to play like you do (flashy, super cool)?

n0ne: Just be ready to be called a dumbass when something doesnt work or you go too deep LMAO
Learn to find the balance between flashy and efficient, and remember that it’s easy to be fast with Falcon, but it’s harder to know when to hit the brakes and not lose control of your character.

TL: What is your favorite matchup in the game?

n0ne: Fox-Falcon on vanilla Melee. UCF Fox is too OP and I’ve been having trouble against him recently.

TL: What are your goals as a player for 2018?

n0ne: Overall improve myself as I’ve always been doing, keep my motivation up and to not let the fans down. I’m abroad at the moment, but once I’m back home in Canada, to keep streaming and stay connected with the people.

TL: What’s your next big event that you’re going to?

n0ne: For now, I have Genesis 5 planned and announced. Future attendances will be revealed eventually when the dates come closer.

Follow n0ne on Twitter @n0ned if you want to keep up to date with the flashiest Falcon alive.

Tyler J. Linden

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