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The Name Doesn’t Matter Podcast #3

There’s only one good thing about the New Year: Video Games. And the torrent of shit that Apple is going to be getting for their business practices. That and more are in this episode of the Slickster Magazine podcast The Name Doesn’t Matter: The best podcast focused on gaming news and controversies around the world. Hosted by Slickster editor Tanner Banks and JJ Mangold the duo talk about what irks and quirks are going on around the gaming and entertainment world. Taking aim at the soft underbelly of gaming they aren’t here to beat around the bush about what’s going on in the gaming world.

The Name Doesn’t Matter Podcast

The Name Doesn't Matter, #TNDM
The Name Doesn’t Matter

In this edition of #TNDM they talk about the controversy surrounding Apple’s batteries.

Highlights include the two talking about the lengths to which Apple really doesn’t care. Tanner describes how the Amazon and Google are going at it over YouTube TV. JJ gives a warning to all listeners about why it’s important to police yourself on your hobbies like gaming, television and more. Because with Gaming Addiction becoming an official problem according to the WHO it needs to be discussed.



There are three ways to listen to the show. You can listen to it right here below if you can’t wait! If you want to download it for later go to their official podcast channel The Name Doesn’t Matter over at Podbean. If you want to stay subscribed and up to date you can also check them out on YouTube.

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