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The Name Doesn’t Matter Podcast Episode 1

Ya know what’s awesome? Video Games. Know what’s almost as awesome? Slickster Magazine is happy to announce the start of The Name Doesn’t Matter: The newest podcast focused on gaming news and controversies around the world. Hosted by Slickster editor Tanner Banks and JJ Mangold the duo talk about what irks and quirks are going on around the gaming world. Taking aim at the soft underbelly of gaming they aren’t here to beat around the bush about what’s going on in the gaming world.

The Name Doesn’t Matter Podcast

The Name Doesn't Matter, #TNDM
The Name Doesn’t Matter

In the first edition they talk about the recent FCC vote on Net Neutrality, as well as the Game Awards, and the controversies surrounding Star Wars Battlefront II.

Highlights include JJ going on semi-intelligible rant about Ajit Pai. Tanner adamantly denouncing the idea of an Early Access game like Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds getting nominated for awards like Game of the Year. The Game of the Year Award may have had a fairly clear winner, as well as best Art Direction but did everyone deserve what they got? And should Destiny 2 have really gotten nominated for seven different awards? Tanner and JJ talk in depth about where the art ends and the business begins in gaming.

There are three ways to listen to the show. You can listen to it right here below if you can’t wait! If you want to download it for later go to their official podcast channel The Name Doesn’t Matter over at Podbean. If you want to stay subscribed and up to date you can also check them out on YouTube.

Next week on #TNDM the crew will discuss PUBG’s launch on the XBox One, crafting the perfect Star Wars game and more. Are there any topics that you want to see?

If you want to stay up date with The Name Doesn’t Matter use the hashtag #TNDM

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