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NBA 2K18 Represents Real Change In Nintendo

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That is something. 2K Games, Inc and Nintendo, with the Wii U, made a title, in NBA2K13, that was almost a great hit. They nearly gave players a complete game. It had one unique feature. You activated a meter. You took the Nintendo Wii U Gamepad, a video game controller with a touch screen on it, and put it up to your television. The meter would tell you the health of your players. NBA 2K 13’s game play was fast. However, the muddy graphics, from Gamepad to television, let Nintendo Wii U owners know that most of their console’s third-party games were second-class. NBA 2K 18 is representative of Nintendo’s new attitude toward third-party companies in two ways. First, Nintendo, with assistance of certain third-party companies, brings a complete, or close to complete, experience, comparable to Microsoft and Sony’s works, to the Nintendo Switch. Second, the challenge their games provide, over all parties, seems to have gone up even further. I will explain this later. Below is an analysis of NBA 2K18 on the Nintendo Switch.

B-Ball Redemption

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While it is not fair to compare, NBA 2K 13 to 2K 18, it is a welcome change. If NBA 2K 13 is kindergarten, NBA 2K 18 is the jump to graduate school. 18’s experience starts with the storage necessary for the game. 2K 18 uses 22.9 Gigabytes, which includes the initial software, software updates, and the save file for the game as analyzed at Nintendo Everything. NBA 2K 13 on the Nintendo Wii U could have been a title on the Super Nintendo. It was a one-time play through experience with a minor online presence.

NBA 2K 18 uses a solid presentation, nice graphics, crisp controls, and an online experience to challenge, and require more time from, Nintendo Switch owners. My honest feeling was that the game would be broken. It does not carry the 60 frames per second available on the Microsoft Xbox One, Playstation 4 or personal computer.  It has 30 frames per second. However, Nintendo Switch takes those frames and morphs them into a tougher challenge. This is something, in time; most players will admit is a trademark of Nintendo Switch software. In the example of NBA 2K18, the Milwaukee Bucks, led by Giannis  Antetokounmpo, offers a team with a handful of problems. This particular player attacks, encourages teammates to press, attack the post, shoot accurately from outside, or drive to the rim themselves. A simple basketball game is more of a series of tests. It is one of the more diverse experiences available on this Nintendo console.

A La Modes

USA Basketball, My Career, and My Team modes, a shoe creator, and dynamic control methods made NBA 2K 13 a good version of the 2K experience. It just was not a complete one. Try the Run the Neighborhood game mode on NBA 2k 18. Take your custom player. Use pick-up games, NBA games, and a series of other life-like

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experiences to custom fit your basketball player to the NBA experience. The Road to 99 is a player upgrade system over all modes to improve your player on the way to a rating of 99. You can access a more robust My Team mode. This mode allows you to collect player cards and get access to NBA Legends for use, on, and offline. Participate in SuperMax mode. Create a team, with a small salary cap. Take the team in to the season, for prizes, for the best management of that salary and team. This does not even include the MyGM: The Next Chapter, or MyLEAGUE modes. Nintendo Switch also has the ability to connect up to four Nintendo Switch consoles in a local, multiplayer, Play Now mode. I can tell you the 2K University modes will benefit you. This is where you practice full court or individual player skills and you must practice.

Game No More

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NBA 2K 13 was truly a game meant for shootouts. Defense meant very little. You could learn to defend well, but once you learned to shoot, most games ended with the team who hits the most three-point shots. The artificial intelligence’s defense did not adjust well, even at the highest difficulties without cheating, in my opinion. The multiplayer was fun though. NBA 2K 18 has a curve. You use all of your defensive abilities. Players must stick to other players, artificial, or alive, get around screens, and understand your oppositions’ schemes. You mess up in this game and you pay. For example, players move all around the court, quickly and smoothly. There are times you must switch assignments on the court and defend other players. If a smaller player defends, in the post, against a larger offensive player, the game, or other players, knows how to exploit this. This can happen quickly. The Washington Wizard’s John Wall against The Philadelphia 76ers Joel Embiid is a terrible matchup, or an opportune one, to the skillful player in NBA 2K18. NBA 2K13 sees this confrontation as a battle of the fastest pixels. In NBA 2k 13, the players, no matter who you were, just participate in an offensive back and forth. Smaller players can shoot over seven footers. They can even dunk on players with an ability to block shots well. NBA 2K 18 rectifies a lot of this. It is all about no skill left behind. Offense requires constant adjustments as opposing teams adjust to your players’ abilities. For example, if you are the Golden State Warriors, you can shoot well and get early leads against most teams. The game, or even other players, who know how to shift momentum can, at any time, to make a tougher game. For example, if you shoot outside too well, the game makes play inside the perimeter. If you are a team with players that drive to the basket constantly, the game will adjust. The team that attacks the post will learn the benefit of a good shooter in key moments of the game. NBA 2K 18 becomes a chess game. The game allows you to stop inside, or outside scoring. Offensive strategy will always have the advantage, but 2K’s game makes you work for it. The fact this is a simulation has never been clearer. In the end, it is worth it. The wins mean a lot. The losses make you practice more.  Throughout it all, you understand this is on a Nintendo console.



I am stuck on Doom, a Bethesda Software, id Software, and Nintendo project. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is on the way from the same companies. Electronic Arts and Nintendo have made FIFA 18. You know that game is good. You list other titles like Sega’s Sonic Forces, which if you play the Japanese demonstration, is a fast game. Psyonix’s Rocket League and Milestone’s MXGP3 makes you pause. Take a step back. You realize the amount of software on this Nintendo system, which does not even include the Eshop software, gives you great variety, in the first year. You see games like Pelikan13’s Takeover or Qubyte Interactive’s 99 Vidas. It is a lot to take in. None of this was available on the Nintendo Wii U. That console offered unfulfilled promises and potential. You play NBA 2K 18, on Nintendo Switch, and it is the game you want. It is hard. The wins are worth it. The graphics suit you. Kyrie Irving is that dynamic player in the game. Other players mimic the actions of their television, or stadium, counterparts. The game is about preference. How do you want to play your NBA game?









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