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Is the NBA watered down like McGrady says?


Written by Dominic Wright, May 11, 2016, at 9:24 p.m.

Is the NBA considered watered down or are the Golden State Warriors just that good? Former player and possible Hall of Famer Tracy McGrady gives his opinion on what he thinks about the performance of the NBA today. Throughout this season players from around the league, fans, and athletes from different levels all witnessed Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors greatness this season.

The playoffs has begun and everything that you could imagine in terms of greatness has been happening thus far in the league today, dunks, history has been shattered, and former players opinions get voiced. With the second round of the NBA playoffs coming close to an end, comments were made about the play of the reigning MVP of the 2014-2015 NBA season: Stephen Curry.

Former NBA player Tracy “T-Mac” McGrady made comments Tuesday night about Stephen Curry when he sat in with ESPN reporters Rachel Nichols and Pablo S. Torre Tuesday night. In a video posted by the NBA, McGrady said, “For him to get this unanimously, it just tells you how watered down our league is. When you think of MJ, Shaq… I mean, those guys really played against top notch competition. More superstars, I think, on more teams today, than it is in our league today. But it is well deserved. He had a hell of a season.”

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors won the 2015-2016 MVP race with a surprise – he won it unanimously. This is the first time in NBA history that a player won the MVP race unanimously. Throughout all of the years of the NBA and all of the greats that have played the game, there has never been a unanimous MVP award winner until Stephen Curry.

Stephen Curry averaged 30.1 points per game along side 5.4 rebounds per game and 6.7 assists per game in the regular season. As Stephen Curry won the MVP award in the second season in a row he joins the list of great Guards to win it in consecutive years. People on that list consist of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Steve Nash.

All season, the Warriors’s star point guard created plays with his electrifying play whether if it was making his defenders miss, shooting the ball exceptionally well behind the 3 point arc, finding his teammates for a sweet assist, and rewriting history. Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors rewrote history when they passed the 95-96 Chicago Bulls for the best NBA record of 73-9.  With that being said, are McGrady’s comments about the NBA being watered down true?

Stephen Curry had a hell of a season where he shattered his own three-point field goals made in a single season, but the Golden State Warriors had records this season that made them one of the most elite teams to play in the NBA. A few of the records that the Golden State Warriors had this year consisted of having the best start to an the season(24-0), Best record going into the All-Star weekend break (48-4), quickest playoff berth in NBA history, and most three point field goals made by a team in a single season (933).

A lot of former NBA players, such as Charles Barkley, have been making comments about the defense that is played in the NBA for years now, majority of players from the past would all agree that the NBA is becoming too soft.

A player wins the MVP award unanimously for the first time in NBA history, you have guys that are more valuable to their team throughout the league. Players such as Russel Westbook, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and James Harden are players who do it all for their team. Stephen Curry had a tremendous season but there are players around the league that have better credentials than him. For him to win it unanimously goes to show NBA fans that the league has been watered down. Throughout the years there have been players who had the credentials to win the unanimous MVP vote and didn’t get it.

Players that did not get the unanimous MVP award are LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and more. All of whom are great players and none of whom earned the unanimous MVP award. LeBron James was not the unanimous winner in the year 2013 although he had a stat line of 26.8 points per game, 8.0 rebounds per game, and 7.3 assists per game but didn’t get the unanimous MVP award even though he had 120 out of 121 votes. Michael Jordan did not unanimously earn the award in the year 1996, even though his stats proved he deserved the award unanimously. Michael Jordan averaged 30.4 points per game, 6.6 rebounds per game, 4.8 assists, and while doing so Michael Jordan earned 109 out of 113 votes.

The second round of the NBA playoffs are coming close to an end and the Golden State Warriors are looking forward to go to the NBA finals if they make it that far. With the last win the Golden State Warriors punch their ticket to the biggest stage of the Western conference: The Western Conference Finals.

Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors both earned their spots in the history books of the NBA as the best team that the NBA has seen. But was winning the MVP award unanimously well deserved for Stephen Curry? Were there more players credible for this opportunity within the recent years? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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