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Nelo is Coming to Early Release on Steam

Written by Jonathan Lee, November 17, 2017, 12:00 AM. Tweet to: @Writerscube

*It is important to note that Nelo is coming out as an Early Release. The copy I played was of the latest Alpha build, so there is still plenty of work to be done. And when it comes out, it’ll still be getting worked on. Whatever you may think of this First Impression, there is more awesome to be had as this game evolves!

Coming this November 20th is Nelo on Steam!

Rising from a Kickstarter funding campaign, developer and publisher Magic and Mirrors has come a long way in moving Nelo along towards Early Release. After getting my hands on a copy of the Alpha build, I can say without a doubt that they’ve been hard at work in creating a unique action game that’s bound to please a lot of science fiction and action fans!

The game will be coming out on Steam as an Early Release. However, don’t let that fool you. This game is looking pretty neat, even in the Alpha stage. While I haven’t finished it, I haven’t run into a single bug yet since their latest Alpha build. That’s a first for me, so I’m impressed! And it looks like Magic and Mirrors are quite active in patching things as they’re reported.

What Have I Found Out So Far

You play as Nelo, a power-armored soldier of a highly-advanced race of beings that, from what I’ve gathered, are certainly not human (You’ll notice the three digit hands and tail kind of give it away). From there, you’ll discover your armaments. Through either technology or some ability, you can either shoot your enemies (robotic creatures created by a program gone horribly wrong “Night Scythe”) or hack away at them in wicked-cool close combat. The combat is intense as you can boost your speed up so that you’re zooming around your enemies, harrying them with shots, or closing in for the kill. And what’s more? The effects of both the guns and the close combat attacks make for a visual techno-feast for the eyes.

Also there’s a little neat mechanic in Nelo that allows you to fight from a top-down perspective if that’s your thing. Just having that as a choice was pretty sweet, and a neat consideration on the developer’s part.

And did I mention the beats in Nelo’s soundtrack are great? They’re great. They marry wonderfully into the game’s visual aesthetic and the frenetic pace of combat.

Final Thoughts

Pseudo-final thoughts, folks. I’m definitely checking this out during each phase of development. After all, this is just the beginning for Nelo. I’m sure much will change over time as Magic and Mirrors continues to work on it. But let me tell you all, from how clean the presentation already is in just the Alpha stage, I’m feeling confident that this game will shape up just wonderfully. Like I said earlier, I’ve never run into an Alpha stage this clean. I was shocked. So with that said, give this game a try! Why wouldn’t you try a game that’s like Vanquish meets Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance?

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