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Netflix Series Worth Watching

Written by Dominic Wright, September 20, 2016, at 7:08 a.m. Tweet to @Groovycap

Many people are hooked onto Netflix and in all honesty who wouldn’t be? A huge variety of shows and movies makes it an all time vault of classics/contemporary selections. Within recent years Netflix has released their original series together with their impressive selections of movies. Some of which have made it big time receiving awards. With the recent buzz around some of the shows here are a few that are worth watching.

Marvel’s Daredevil

Overall, the series was a faithful comic book telling of the conflicted Marvel character Daredevil. This series got more in depth with Matt Murdock. In doing so it made the non-superhero scenes more compelling. This Story line was well written and this is the reason Netflix has been winning lately. The success of Daredevil helped pave the way for series such as Jessica Jones. Renewed for a 2nd season. Anti-hero Punisher appears and becomes equally important as a fan favorite in season 2.

Netflix’s Stranger Things

With no surprise, this 80’s inspired sci-fi series has been the hot topic throughout the summer. Bringing elements of E.T and other nostalgic elements into the series, fans became interested. Mysterious, fun and intriguing are the three words I use to describe this show. Character Eleven brings that boom to the show that gives it the supernatural feel. All in all the mystery within the show keeps viewers on their feet. Highly recommended.

Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black

How can a person not mention this show? This is one of the highest streamed shows on Netflix. Taking on views of multiple prisoners within the prison keeps drawing viewers in. Every season is better than the last. Drawing away from the main character while giving background characters more of a story is the best thing about this show. Fans of the show can not wait until season five to premiere next year. New inmates and new stories that not only give characters life but also gives fans a reason to keep coming back.


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