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Goliath: Summertime Gnarkness DLC


June 22, 2016, at 7:45 p.m.

Goliath: Summertime Gnarkness DLC Released

Octopus Tree announced the release of the first DLC expansion for Goliath titled Summertime Gnarkness, which is free to everyone who already owns Goliath. This release coincides with the Steam summer sale, putting the game itself at half price.

The sale by itself would be a good deal and now that there’s more content, it’s a great time to get the game. Just in case you’re having flashbacks to when you bought the complete edition of NEKOPARA before it went to half price.

New Goliaths, Weapons, Arenas, and More

“We are very excited to release the first DLC for Goliath today,” said Jeremy Zoss, Marketing Manager for Octopus Tree. “The development team has done a great job listening to the community and making fixes and improvements, but Summertime Gnarkness represents the first time we’ve been able to add a major gameplay expansion.”

In a world where DLC usually only gives you useless skins for cold hard cash before the developers even fix the bugs, Summertime Gnarkness adds… yeah, skins, but also new content for high-level players, new Goliath types, and Epic items that actually do something for low cost of free.

The content for players over level 30 includes the Gnarks’ Arena, which features new and improved versions of the game’s original bosses, and the Dungeon of the Apocalypse, a new challenging dungeon, hence the name.

The Devs Continue to be Cool

Goliath has a good track record on Steam. The consensus seems to be that building Goliaths is really fun and the devs actually listen to the problems that players are having and actively fix them. So if you see any bugs with this new content, those guys will be on that like mustard on a corn dog.

Now check out the trailer and tell us what you think of Goliath.

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