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New lives in Chicago

Written by Dominic Wright, July 7, 2016, at 6:15 p.m. Tweeto to: @Groovycap

Dwayne Wade former Miami Heat guard took advantage of his free agency. Confirming his move to Chicago the guard spent his entire 13-year career in Miami. Starting his career in Miami the guard has built a legacy for himself as well as for the organization.

Two Players Make New Lives in Chicago

Dwayne Wade holds records for the Miami Heat franchise. Leader in points (20,221), assists (4,944), steals (1,414), games played (855), and field goals (7,325). There is no doubt that Dwayne Wade has represented greatness in a Heat uniform but now he will go back to his hometown of Chicago.

Once the off-season came into effect people were trying to figure out where Wade was going to go. Teams around the league such as the Knicks, Bucks, Mavericks, and Bulls were expecting to sign Wade. Fans around the league made edits of him standing next to LeBron and Kyrie expecting him to sign with the Cavaliers. The Bulls have won in the competition of gaining Wade to their roster.

Rajon Rondo has signed a contract with the Chicago Bulls for two years for $28 million. The superstar point guard is a former member of the Sacremento Kings but his legacy will be known for his dynamic play for the Celtics in 2006-2014. Last season Rondo averaged 11.9 points, 11.7 assists, and six rebounds.

More Teammates for the Bulls

The Bulls have made a few questionable decisions within their front office this year as well as trading players. With the trade of Derrick Rose and free agency of Joakim Noah the Bulls have lost two of their main players. In a rebuilding process, the Bulls have acquired Rajon Rondo from the Sacremento Kings and Dwayne Wade from the Heat. Will this be what takes the Chicago Bulls to the next level?

The Chicago Bulls didn’t get to make it into the post season this year due to many setbacks. Rumors circulated through the media about the relationship of Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler saying the two had tension on the court.

A plague of injuries surrounded players Derrick Rose, Jimmy Butler, and Joakim Noah. Going on losing streaks and losing their coach mid season set the team back. With the recent pickup of Rajon Rondo and Dwayne Wade, could this be the support Jimmy Butler needs?

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