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New Overwatch Map Junkertown Announced

It’s hart to just sit around knowing there’s someone who needs to be blown up! A famous line uttered by Overwatch’s resident explosives expert Junkrat. The Australian madman flanked by his muscle Roadhogg are ready to head back home. Back home to the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Junkertown. Blizzard has announced the newest level set for release through a series of two separate videos.

Junkertown: The Plan

The first cinematic that doesn’t come out in full film quality is a strong showing. This comedic explanation for Junkrat and Roadhogg’s worldwide crime spree is hilarious and well done. Junk and Roadie need to get back home to Junkertown and get back at “The Boss” for kicking them out for their shenanigans. But in his excitement to blow everything the fuck up, Junkrat reveals his true identity and they’re back to square one. The video is rendered in the game engine rather than the film engine like the other videos. It gives Junkertown a vaguely charming appeal like the original “Meet the…” videos from Team Fortress 2. Now, onto the map itself.


Junkertown Map Reveal

The video shows a lot of really cool aspects to the map. A rotating multi-leveled portion of the escort map seems like it’ll be a major highlight. (Then again the zero-gravity portion of the Horizon Lunar Colony level is a non-factor for the most part.) The video itself gives a little extra detail into the world of the irradiated Outback. These are people who had their land stolen from them, only for it to be given to the supposed enemy. They’ve completely shut themselves off from the world and created their own society. The Junkertown metropolis is made up of discarded pieces and debris from the former struggle of their homes. ┬áThe Escort map will be a welcome addition to the rotation of maps for Overwatch.

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