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What is the NFL? The No Fun League?

Written by Dominic Wright, October 30, 2016, at 10:00 a.m.

The NFL stands for National Football League but it definitely does not look that way. Slowly it formed into the No Fun League. Once upon a time, players were allowed to get in the face of another player and were able to commemorate when they scored a game-winning touchdown. Now players can’t even do a little dance when they score without the referees having their hand on their hip.

I remember growing up and watching players such as Terell Owens celebrating once he got into the end-zone. For crying out loud Terell Owens celebrated on the Dallas Cowboys star back in 2000. Now, if you even celebrate for a total of 3-4 seconds referees throw a flag. What is the point of playing at the highest level if you can hardly celebrate? Not only is the penalty costing the team 15 yards but it also costs the player $24K. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

For example, Cam Newton, Odell Beckham, Jr., and Antonio Brown are known for their celebrations. They have some of the top-selling jerseys in the NFL currently. Not only are these players known for celebrations but they are also known for their spectacular play. Last season Cam Newton was named MVP of the NFL and he danced every time he scored. Players are just like fans, they want to have fun while watching/being apart of the game. Antonio Brown is the top wide receiver in the league and Odell Beckham Jr is listed as a top 10 player.

Roger Goodell MemeThe commissioner has slowly been eliminating the fun out of it. Players are trying to bring in the entertainment factor into the game. Whether it be through comical acts such as twerking or bringing in hip-hop culture into it.The officials and the commissioner of the NFL had lost viewers in fans and players of the game are not having much fun anymore. Not being able to celebrate after a touchdown is boring. Some fans favorite players love to celebrate after they score, it brings excitement into the game of battle.

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