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Nintendo Switch Live Up To It

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Ghostbuster’s re-release, in movie theatres, is an event. The movie, from 2016, has potential. It was not as solid as it could have been. At the time, it was the centre of the universe, good or bad.

In 2017, The Nintendo Switch is the centre of attention in video games. Gamestop is sold out of Nintendo Switch pre-orders. The Nintendo Switch in Japan has sold, in pre-orders, over 80% of its first shipment, as indicated by Joey Davidson, at Techno Buffalo. I bought mine.

This is a Nintendo fan’s dream. It is the hope Nintendo finds past success and establishes new future for its console platform. Nintendo Switch is the ultimate hybrid.  The concept of a console and a portable game system means that people will test the limits of this conversion process. They will await the third party support. There will be massive first-party hits. These are facts.

In all of the content, written, or recorded, the question I have is will Nintendo do what they need to appease all the gamers that purchase their product. The Nintendo Switch looks good. However, there is that Nintendo arrogance it carries with it. They know how to make hardware. They take care of the customers who take care in their products. The double-edged sword is Nintendo’s individuality.

They operate in a zone all their own. It allows them to bring Splatoon, Pilotwings, and even ARMS to their platforms and create hits. If they get the right games, Nintendo may have made the platform to have the ultimate first- person shooter, the best sports, or fighting game party. Allow a third party, to bring a Halo-type intellectual property to this console. Use the online connectivity to offer upgrades and weapon choices. Everyone can play in the same room or move to different areas altogether but work as a team complete a great quest. Everyone gets to be unique. This console is the definition of it.

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Allow a major, new, fighting franchise with solid online connectivity. You get to play anywhere and challenge anyone everyplace. In the right sports title, every player has a position. This system can allow you to play that pivotal game, in whatever space you sit, stand, or lay. Your custom characters can go anywhere. You use the Joycons to create, in whatever form they take, immersive experiences. The concept of a game that uses precise control detail is major. Sorry, Naughty Dog. There is a part in Uncharted 4. You have to cross a floor that has specific tiles that hold you up to lead to goal and others that blow you to bits. Nintendo can make a game with similar dynamics that feels that precise change in environment, in the air, and within the characters, you control.

Nintendo Switch holds the possibility of so much but carries that name. Nintendo has to be different. Super Mario Odyssey, or Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, means achievement. These games look like the sandbox Nintendo defines. However, that other company’s sports title, first person title, role-playing game, and adventure, or action game can carry the same moniker. Nintendo launch Switch and be great but also take the whole of your line-up and raise them as well. That multiplayer, and online, Luigi’s Mansion needs to come to life.




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