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Nintendo’s E3 Goes Everywhere You Want

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo is always epic. It is all about the announcement. It delivers something new to the public. You never know what to expect, especially from a company like Nintendo. You know about Super Mario Odyssey. It will be a unique exploration into the battle between good and evil. It is Mario against Bowser. However, this time things are very different, well sort of. There is a piece of clothing Cappy, a magic hat, which Mario will use in this adventure. The objects and characters it can take over are amazing. The worlds in the game are unique and the items to collect, and use, seem like the ultimate fun. Nintendo announces Metroid Prime 4. Run with that. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, from Bethesda and Nintendo, uses items from Zelda history in it. Fire Emblem Warriors will hit the Nintendo Switch in the very near future. The Nintendo Switch library only gets stronger with the announcement of the games Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, from Ubisoft and EA Sports FIFA 18. On one hand, you have a turn-based strategy game that arms Mario, friends, and unique Rabbids with different weapons and levels to reach specific goals. FIFA 18 looks to be that football, soccer, experience that Nintendo owners want.

Kirby and Yoshi will be on the Nintendo Switch in 2018. Rocket League and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 come to Nintendo Switch the holiday season of 2017.

The point of all this is that this news is always good. When it comes to fun and games, you only hope for the best. In all of the news, one of my favorites has to be the announcement of a game called Starlink: Battle for Atlus for Nintendo’s console and other systems. It is not a Mario or Metroid game.

It is something you did not expect. Based on Nick Statt’s article at The Verge, Ubisoft presents a “space shooter” set for the Fall 2018. It not only puts you in an “interstellar” adventure against a malicious “artificial intelligence”, but it also comes with physical pieces that you attach to your controller and use in the game. It is just cool. It reminds of the games Colony Wars and Rogue Squadron, but I believe it will have a stronger story element and may require more strategy.

Pokken Tournament DX takes from the title on the Nintendo Wii U  and converts it into a newer, stronger entity on the Nintendo Switch. Splatoon 2 comes to us July 21, 2017. ARMS is just around the corner on June 16, 2017. I cannot forget the Nintendo 3DS. There is a game, The Metroid: Samus Returns, with influences from the 1991 Gameboy title Metroid 2:The Return of Samus that plans to hit the famous portable console. The game has been built from “the ground up.” It gives Samus Aran new “moves and abilities” in a three-dimensional side-scrolling adventure with a “strong color palette”. Expect this challenge on September 15, 2017.

These games do not just come to a home console, or simple portable. This is the summer, but you can imagine any season. In this case, you can take the high quality game to the beach, resort, on a plane, car ride, boat,  safari, or anywhere you please. The idea is the game does not stop. Nintendo’s Electronic Entertainment Expo intends to bring you the quality games you always expect, and some you do not, as experiences you can take you anywhere.




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