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No70 Eye of Basir: A Mix of Mystery, Horror, and Eye-Catching Environment

Written by Caleb Taylor, July 3rd, 2017, at 12 a.m.

No70 Eye of Basir is an atmospheric 1st person adventure with some horror elements. You are searching for your brother who has inexplicably vanished. While you make your way through the game, you uncover a secret brotherhood that protect a powerful object called the Eye of Basir. As someone who loves reading about mystery, playing horror, and anything to do with the occult, this game seemed like a new favourite of mine. While I didn’t find the story to be groundbreaking or even exciting, I don’t think that was the focus of the game. While I would’ve liked to see the developers go deeper with the story, No70 Eye of Basir’s pros include the environment and events throughout the game, the voice acting and sound effects, and the music ties No70 Eye of Basir’s environment together nicely.


The gameplay felt linear, but in the good way. Think of Firewatch or The Stanley Parable, where the entire story is laid out, there is really only one path to take, but you still enjoy it every step of the way. No70 Eye of Basir is like that, where you don’t feel trapped in a linear story. The gameplay focuses on finding specific items that trigger events allowing you to progress through the game. Even if you know how to solve a problem before finding the clues or object you need, you have to find the required items in order to progress. One specific example of this happened when I figured out the code from a hint to a door that I needed to go through, but I still had to go through the game as the game intended; finding items, solving puzzles, backtracking, etc. to progress.

No70 Eye of Basir
An example of a puzzle piece found in No70 Eye of Basir

The puzzles in No70 Eye of Basir are not so much puzzles, but more an avenue to show story points to the player. They seem intended to show the player the details of the world rather than engage the player gameplay wise, which I guess is okay. The focus of the game seems to be the environment and little details anyway, so these shortcomings don’t hurt the experience too much. There are a few nitpicky problems I have with the graphics and overall look of the game, but again these problems hardly break immersion.


The graphics are good for what No70 Eye of Basir is trying to be. Not everything in No70 Eye of Basir looks stunning, but the detail is present where it needs to be. While I would’ve appreciated the inclusion of more “moments” or cool things to notice as I walk throughout the game, the few that were included did the job well and added immensely to the, not so much creepy per se, but definitely mysterious and curious atmosphere. I feel where No70 Eye of Basir lacked in story, they made up for it with moody lighting, good graphics, little to no glitches, and overall a well put together game (at least technically speaking)

No70 Eye of Basir
A room found in No70 Eye of Basir

Final thoughts:

No70 Eye of Basir left me feeling on par with satisfied. While the story was not very present, there was enough creepiness, mystery, and dialogue/narration to bring No70 Eye of Basir together as a coherent, linear puzzle/horror game. The game was well made with little technical issues, and I never experienced anything technical or story wise to break my immersion. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a quick, one shot horror game with simple puzzles and enough of a story to leave you thinking about it for a while after you finish the game. I had a pleasant time playing it, and I would love to see No70 Eye of Basir’s developer Old Moustache Gameworks  spread their wings a bit more with the story, come up with more creative puzzles, and I have no doubt in my mind that their next title will knock it out of the park.

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