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Interview with OwlVortex

Created by OwlVortex

Written by William G. Chandler Jr., July 12, 2016, at 11:53 p.m.

If you visit Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary online, “expression” is simply making your thoughts, and feelings known. Words are not always the best way to get your point across. You just do it in whatever form works best.

That is what OwlVortex, also known as Jason Schaffert, does. He brings something as simple as the Luigi Death Stare to a valid point through his unique, artistic expression.

See it, and his other work, on his page. His words are few in this interview, but require careful study, like his art style. OwlVortex creates in many layers. Any of his hand-drawn presentations ask you to see things in a different light.

His work, Beachball, is a perspective. The image, Ice Climber, becomes a new idea. I actually want to jump into the landscape to follow an adventure in that background.

I met him at Too Many Games, in Oaks, Pennsylvania. His image of Steven Universe‘s Garnet drew me to him. He did not say a word. Jason let the art speak.

Steven Universe is such an interesting show, but it approaches some very adult subjects for children, at times. The program follows a young boy who goes on adventures with his three jewel-based guardians. Garnet is one of them, and is a complex theme all her own.

The themes on the show actually get more complex. OwlVortex’s works address many complexities but is truly wonderful to view, I believe. If you stretch the canvas, and jump into it, I can imagine a more complex Steven Universe. Can you?

Interview With Jason Schaffert AKA OwlVortex

Slickster: Who is Jason Schaffert, where is he from, and how did OwlVortex come to life?

Schaffert: [I] was born outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but grew up in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Now, [I’m] back outside [of] Philadelphia. My online name used to be SuperRobotRainbowOwl, though that was little too long, so I shortened it to OwlVortex.

What comes automatically to you, as an artist and illustrator?

I am not really sure. I guess I see what colors are good with each other.

When did you have a moment where you pushed yourself to the limit as an artist?

I always want to push myself to be better. Never really have limits to push. Usually, I just go with the flow.

What conflicts exist between Jason and OwlVortex?

Nothing, really.

What makes you use certain animals in your art?

I kinda just pick them at random, but my favorites are squirrels and armadillos.

How do you look at success for your heart, mind, and soul?

I like to draw and if people like what I draw, that is good enough for me.

Why follow this path as an illustrator?

You can do whatever your mind sees. If I want to see a gentlemen lobster drinking tea in a gravy boat, I can. You can create interesting worlds by just drawing.

What comes to mind when you hear the word “beast”?

Hank McCoy of X-Men




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