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The Curious Case of Pauly Malignaggi

Malignaggi absorbs McGregor’s vicious left.

The Vegas sun looms over a still horizon. Conor McGregor’s blazing green Lamborghini pulls into the brand new UFC Performance Institute. A shirtless McGregor, exchanges a few words with a boisterous teammate, informing him that retired boxer Pauly Malignaggi has left camp.

Last Friday, the internet was abuzz with the infamous, Malignaggi knockdown video.

Seen above, the former IBF and WBA welterweight title holder seems to be physically outdone by the 29 year old McGregor, eventually being dropped by what appears as a quick right hook.

Countless revisions of this video, spread like wildfire on sites like Instagram and Facebook, prodding a firestorm of speculation about the young Irishman’s abilities. Malignaggi, then took to radio to saying it was nothing more than a well edited slip, while Dana White not long thereafter condemned Malignaggi for his vehement lies.

Regardless of whose side you fall to in the scandal, what is certainly, visibly true, is that McGregor looks to be handling a well weathered (44 fights, 36 wins, 8 loses) professional. A professional that stated earlier this year, how he and many of his colleagues, could make short work of the dubious the MMA champion.

In a match steeped with so many unknowns, is this video conformation of McGregor’s rising stock, or is it just another swell in the precision infused media wave coming from both camps?

With nearly ten days left till the largest spectacle fighting sports has ever seen, we can only cling dearly to our phones and tablets. Anxiously waiting for the excitements sure to come.

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