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Pizza Blitz Released on Android and Iphone

Who wants a couple slices of pizza?! Pizza Blitz by Arrow Block Studios has released on Android and iOS. For those of you who paid attention to the game developers at Indy PopCon, you’d have seen their game at the convention. Since Indy PopCon they’ve been hard at work on Pizza Blitz and have created a fun little free to play collecting game.


In the game you job as a pizza delivery boy at Pizza Blitz is to get the pizza to the customer by any means necessary. Dodging cars, animals, and debris while jumping over obstacles along the way. Should you crash into something three times, it’s game over. You also can make sure you don’t run out of gas along the way. Even if you’re driving a bicycle. Or a skateboard. Collecting coins along the way helps you buy upgrades do your vehicles as well. The more levels you complete the more experience points you get, and the more Vehicles you unlock. And if you’re lucky enough to find a golden Pizza, you can save those to get the super rare cars.

There’s a lot of different levels to play in including farms, breasts, an airport, a cityscape, and a desert. Each level has its own unique challenges.

We would like to have it noted that each environment has it’s own personality and there are many more obstacles than just dodging cars. In the farm level, smash your way through hay bales and watch out for cows and goats! In addition, you can also jump ramps that farmers have clumsily left in the road.

On the Forest course, you have to jump over various rivers to make sure you don’t get the pizza wet because you’ll face a mad customer and less tips! In the Airport course, dodge luggage and airplanes as you try to make your way to delivery at the end of the runway! On the urban environment, dodge traffic and go under bridges and more, but don’t crash! In the desert course, you have to be careful, because like a real desert, gas is hard to find and with various fallen-down obstacles, you must use your resources wisely.


The game is super easy to pick up and play but gets challenging quickly. Not in the way that you’re not able to beat a level after a certain point however. With enough effort every level is beautiful, that’s the thing. It requires effort. I’m glad they decided not to go with the endless runner style that is so popular with mobile games. Short and satisfying levels make the game just as addictive as an endless runner, but also gives a sense of accomplishment. I want to play the next level because I’m having fun, not because I feel like I’m being compelled to.

Definietely check this game out. It’s a great time that lets you knock out a couple levels in the course of a few minutes. It’s satisfying, fair, and all-around solid.


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