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Plants versus Zombies : Garden Warfare

Plants versus Zombies : Garden Warfare

By Fliznax
2/22/16, 1:33 p.m
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Hey Slicksters,

Me again, this week we are going to talk about Plants vs. pvz3Zombies: Garden Warfare, AKA PvZ:GW. I gotta say, I have about as many good things to say about this game as I do about finding a Deadpool spoiler in my Facebook feed. I mean, well maybe not THAT bad, could just be that I’m not that target audience for that like insomniacs or people who live places where weed is legal. I mean, I guess that’s not true, my 4-year-old daughter enjoys it. But a full-grown adult WITH all their faculties should probably just save their money and buy a more comfortable pillow if they want to go to sleep. Honestly, the first PvZ, where you set up plants and used strategies to hold of swarms of zombies, was something I could get into. This new revised version however, might as well be be Gotham City Impostors.



Basically, the only difference is the camera angle and the fact that they ripped off Call of Duty a little more subtle and accurate in the game play. Honestly, that’s not fair to say. I actually liked Gotham City Impostors for a minute or two. Long story short, if you’re sitting around in a cloudy room about, that’s the only way you are gonna like this game after you graduate pre-school … OR maybe its just me. Let me know your feelings about this game in comments section or write me an email.

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