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Review on Post Human W.A.R

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You know what’s better than a monkey in a tuxedo? A super spy monkey in a tuxedo fighting french cooking robots. Know what’s even better than that? Killing the enemy’s super spy monkey with a penguin slinging polar bear. And then you find out it’s the enemy’s champion and you just won the game when you were on the brink of destruction. THAT is what makes Post Human W.A.R by Studio Chahut so fun to play. Taking place in the fairly far but not too far future, Post Human W.A.R is a zany and stressful time.

Welcome to the Post Human W.A.R.Post Human W.A.R Screenshot Champion3

A common question in science fiction is what would the world look like after humanity died? Well, Post Human W.A.R says that it would be taken over by parasitically control animals and artificially intelligent appliances. Split into different factions vying for supremacy. The Wraak are a faction of animals hoping to rid the world of the memory of humanity. Made up of larger animals like beefed up rats, or boxing armadillos. The Anthropist faction are made up of evolved primate species who seek a more peaceful cohabitation with the past. And finally there are the R-PATCH who have decided to protect the history of their human masters of the past. All of the different factions have a very distinct look with each character having their own personality. Listening to the characters talk during the game was a particular pleasure.

Game on!

Every match of Post Human W.A.R is like a game of chess mixed with hide and seek. Along with the board game classic RISK. You start every match by selecting your characters and picking who you are Champion is. A team’s Champion is kind of like the king on a chessboard. While it typically devolves into a war of attrition, the real goal is to kill the Champion of the opposing team. Figuring out whether your enemy is hiding them in plain sight or keeping them back keeps you guessing as you Traverse the different levels. Will you have your Champion be a bigger and bulky or character? Trading speed for a larger health pool? And will you reveal who your Champion is for the stat boost to try and spur your team on to victory while things look bleak? There’s a large amount of strategy that goes into every match. But even if you aren’t the next Patton or Sun Tzu, you can have plenty of fun playing this game.

Multiplayer matches are a mixed bag. I wasn’t a particularly huge fan of playing online, it felt like I was playing a board game with a stranger. This is one of those games where a more intimate environment is where the game truly excels. Because playing this game of the friend is awesome! Being able to talk shit and Bluff in real life while we’re playing the game is extremely satisfying.

A W.A.R of Attrition

The only real criticism that I have for this game is that once you’ve played it for a couple hours, you have played the whole game. Once you are familiar with all of the kooky characters, have heard all the dialogue, you know what’s going on. The computer can provide a surprising challenge at times, and playing with friends is definitely a good time. But you don’t really feel an urge to keep playing hours and hours and hours later. This is more of a game that you would pick up every couple weeks and play a few rounds. Maybe it’s something that you and your friends just keep in rotation when you hang out on the weekends. It’s nothing bad, it’s just something that keeps this game from being really great.

Final Score

Overall, the game that I definitely recommend the game at its price point. $15 for a game that is going to give you at least a solid 8 to 10 hours it’s good in my books. And with that I will give this game a score of 8 out of 10.



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