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POWERCYAN releases second EP, Powergrid – #SYNTHWAVE


12/5/2017 – POWERCYAN released the follow up to Plutocracy.  Well within the bounds of synthwave, it is stuffed with aggressive Vocoder vocals and danceable beats.

But that’s not what really is really cool about POWERCYAN.

Although he is currently inhabiting Earth as his home planet, he’s not really from here.  It’s not every day we get to interview someone who has drinks with Norrin Rad.  So, anytime we get the chance, we jump at it.   Short, some may say extremely efficient, answers are a trademark of the synthwave musician.  This is our second interview with POWERCYAN.  Here’s a link to the first time we spoke.

POWERCYAN interview

Slickster: What can fans expect from the new album?
POWERCYAN: More fast-paced and high-energy tracks with more varying influences, and stronger vocoders.

Norrin_Radd_(Earth-121698)_007Slickster: You are an interstellar being.  Are you close personal friends with Norrin Rad, aka The Silver Surfer?
PC: We’ve had a few drinks together once.

Slickster: So, what’s happening on the other side of the Universe?
PC: Infinity is happening, within and beyond our universe.

Slickster: Sound waves can not travel through the vacuum of space.  So, is music really ‘The Universal Language’?  State your theory and defend.
PC: Consciousness is the universal language.

Slickster: Will you be doing any live performances in support of your newest album?
PC: Not in support of the album specifically, but it’s in the work for the near future.

Slickster: What message would you like to deliver to all human kind right now?
PC: A revolution is coming.

Slickster: Thanks for talking with Slickster Magazine.
PC: Thank you for your interest in my work. I am POWERCYAN.


POWERCYAN on Bandcamp

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