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The Rabid Young is an electro-rock band based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, that formed in 2014. The band was created by front man Eric Rickey. He was a former member of the a group Most Thieves, a band that achieved a level of notoriety that allowed them to tour internationally with the likes of famous bands like The Killers and others, Eric came up with the name for the new group while playing his ;ast show with his previous band the night they decided to all separate.

Choosing to go in a more pop oriented direction he partnered with fellow veteran musicians, and settled down into his studio so they could all experiment and solidify their sound. Drawing influences from the likes of U2, Prince, and David Bowie, this band is off the label Independent Ear Records and their self titled debut was mixed by Adam J. Odor, a Grammy winning engineer, who helped the band create a much more stylistic sound.


Rabid Young is;

Eric Rickey- vocals, keys, guitar

Alex Stopa- drums, percussion
Jackson Wilcox- bass
Kelly Loadman- keys
Mason Bundschuh- guitar

THE SINGLE “Bright Lights”:

The band’s newest single “Bright Lights” utilizes crystal clear sound production with absolutely no blemish in the sound, and is clearly classic and hard rock inspired but performs their original music using the most modern effects and mixing available to the artists. It-goes very heavy on the synths and adds touches of dance, disco, and techno to create an incredibly lively track. This is the kind of band you can imagine hearing  being played during a teen movie’s a party montage.

Overall, this band is very interesting for a number of reasons. They are even pressing a special vinyl copy of their new release and that link can be found here along with other links if you’re interested in the group.


Rabid Young Limited Edition 7" Lathe Cut Record




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