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Required Listening: Chomper – Medicine Mountain

Chomper has the sauce, an indelible rock n roll sound that only comes from years of taking it on the chin. The quartet consisting of members from Guided By Voices, Beech Creeps, and The Men showcase a sound equal parts Stooges, equal parts sticky theater bathroom wall, with a scosche of dirty glam. The band sound all their own, and it’s fucking tremendous.

Their debut record Medicine Mountain is a salty, ocean crud, tour de force with all the fixin’s. The band has an energy seldom found in the 20-teens, but would fit right in line with the class of 1977. Raucous guitars, in your face lyrics, and a stomp reserved for Doc Martens.

“Hideout 3D” brings a heavy low end slinking along a groovy bass line. Single “I Wanna Die” is a pop classic dipped in chewy fuzz, “Two Feet From a Rat” channels The Kinks, “Medicine Mountain” slows it down to showcase the band’s songwriting chops, “Wipe It Down” offers a singalong at its best underneath a thick wall of guitar and attitude.

Medicine Mountain is best listened to at max volume while speeding down the highway on a bright summer day, to cheer your friend up after a nasty divorce, to get sticky with the ladies, or just mowing the lawn on Sunday, all the bases are covered.  Hopefully there will be more to come. Check out their bandcamp page here.


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