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Required Listening: PG. Lost – Versus

Written by Brian Furman, September 23, 2016, at 3:47 a.m.

PG. Lost are an instrumental force from the Arctic battleground of Sweden. The quartet recently released pg-lostVersus on September 16 via Pelagic Records. The album is filled with the yin and yang of pounding landscapes, and lush ambiance that culminate in a head banging climax and it aches as it moves from song to song.

PG. Lost Versus Album Review

“Ikaros” is a moving picture of sound, “Off the Beaten Path” is otherworldly and majestic as if painting with their instruments as brushes.

Title track “Versus” rumbles, slow and dark through a timid sonic landscape finally erupting into a wall of noise heard at the gates of a forbidden city.

“A Final Vision” ends the marathon with a slow earthen dirge. The post-rock world is full of albums like this one. Sometimes it works, and others it’s like painting a never-ending fence, and sometimes the best notes are the spaces in between. Versus  is worth the trip.

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