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Required Listening: The Pod’s Self-Titled Debut

Required listening has been on hiatus for some time, but I found the perfect time to bring it back. I listen to a great many bands, albums, etc.. Some are really good and some are really bad. But there are a select few that are just interesting enough to challenge the listener in ways they may not understand right away, but instead dare them to stop listening. I revel in the challenging listen. I am always looking for something that pushes perspectives, delivers solace, or continues to drive the journey. The Pod’s debut record is one such project.

The Pod is the alter-ego of Scott Endres, the band MAKE’s primary vocalist / multi-instrumentalist. While MAKE is certainly a beautiful glorious entity unto itself (I highly recommend checking them out as well) The Pod I feel offers some form of an augmented version of Endres. Rife with distorted reality, scattered and scathing vocals, and bass heavy car speaker blowout, The Pod is a philosophical direction with no direction. It is an education in isolation, a meditation, and one that needs to be listened to in one sitting to understand its true depths. Or, I just didn’t get the joke.

I found The Pod to be a gateway and landscape to another world, as if I were getting sucked into a sci-fi novel. It’s uncomfortable… and one of the few records that can be felt through the entire body.. Lead track “Activated Charcoal” is washed in a beautiful melody with vocals that scrape the inside of the cochlea. “Folded Eyes” cannot decide whether it is cathedral or castle. “A Stranger in a Hidden Room” is exactly what the title suggests when that stranger finds you. “The Desert” runs a caravan through the sand. “The Analeptic Ritual” is a fourteen-minute mystery that builds a world with heavy machinery, oil, and smoke… like the Industrial revolution in a parallel universe.

Even if it’s not your bag, try The Pod with an open mind and you will find if nothing else, it is extremely interesting.

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