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Rock bands are pussies | CRNKSHFT Shane Jolie interview

Rock bands are pussies | CRNKSHFT Shane Jolie interview

4/13/2017 – Slickster Magazine – Ok guys, let’s get right to the point.  Since when have most rock bands become total fucking pussies?  Did it start back in the MTV era when glam bands like Poison dominated cable television or even further back?  Maybe it’s always been that way, like when Black Sabbath released ‘Paranoid’, and the single ‘Joy to the world’ was topping the charts.  Thoughts?

Shane Jolie – I think there hasn’t been much to be upset about it the world, at least not here in North America, and the media does a good job of keeping people distracted from the issues. Those bands pretty much paved the way for bands to wail on and on about denim jackets and scarves, but I feel there’s a storm brewing and I think you’re going to see Hard Rock and Metal come back into the limelight for sure, where it belongs.

Slickster Magazine attributes most of its success to the hotties in the Girl Of The Week.  In your recent video for SYSTEMATIC there is a fantastic amount of Tn’A.  Is this also your strategy for world domination?

Bikini models at the bike shoot with CRNKSHFT.

That video wasn’t necessarily the ‘official’ video for Systematic. But certainly nothing wrong with showing a little tits and ass, even though our message is dark and heavy as fuck, we like to get down like anyone else.

Come on, is there really anything wrong with sexy woman in a thong?

The only thing wrong in that sentence is ‘woman’ is singular.


Touché sir, touché.


Speaking of the video, how’d you guys get hooked up with Lords of Gastown?  What was it like shooting the video?

Our bass player is good friends with one of the head guys over there. Our style is perfect for what they’re about, and their style is right there for what we’re about, so at their annual show and shine we turned the camera on for the ‘match made in hell’ so to speak.

So, CRNKSHFT just released a new EP on March 25th.  How’s it going so far?  Did you guys feel like it was rushed or did you pretty much knock it the fuck out of the park?

The only part that ended up being rushed was the fans were dying to hear new tracks so we put out a shortened EP to satisfy the masses. We have a bunch more almost ready that we’ll be releasing as singles up until out cross Canada tour this fall. Gotta leave them wanting more right?

Since we’re talking about getting KTFO, which legend of rock would you put your money on in a bare knuckle brawl,  Lemmy Kilmister or Glenn Danzig?  Explain.

Lemmy is awesome, I’m sure he’d put up a good fight, and pull out some brass knuckles after downing his drink and flicking a smoke in Glenn’s face, but I gotta give the war to Glenn man. Straight knock out.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to Slickster Mag.  Are there any last shout outs, promotions you want to share, or overall advice and goodwill toward mankind?

Thank you, we want to give a shout out to Darren Grahn for producing the record and everyone else involved in the recording process,  thank our friends, fans and family.

Go to for merch and our tour schedule,…

…And fuck the new world order. #crnkshftiscoming

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